The total score of the driver’s license becomes 18 points?What is the truth?

What should I do if the driver’s license is deducted?

Some people say, "Driver’s license is 18 points now"?


In fact, it is not the driving license score to 18 points


You can deduct the score through learning application

Cumulative maximum deduction of 6 points during a scoring cycle

Some netizens also asked questions

I want to apply for "Learning and Fa -divide points" on the "Traffic Management 12123" APP

But I found that I couldn’t apply for learning,

Can’t pass the system review?

What is the reason?

Don’t worry

The authoritative answer to the traffic police department comes

What is learning to reduce points?

After the driver of motor vehicle processing the traffic violation records, the accumulated score is not over 12 points. If the traffic safety education organized by the traffic management department of the public security organs and meets the requirements of the prescribed requirements, you can apply for the deductionReduce points.During a scoring cycle, a maximum deduction of up to 6 points is reduced.

"Learning Fa Reduction" application process

■ Users log in to the "Traffic Management 12123" mobile app. On the homepage, click the "Learning Fa Reduction" button → enter the application page of the learning method, or click "More" on the homepage → enter the business center page, on the "learning and education business" on the "learning and education business"Click the "Learning Law to Reduce points" button → enter the application page of the learning method → select the "Online Learning Exam", and click the "Application" button.

■ Those who have completed the acceptance, click "Go to Learning", after passing the actual certification, click "Video Learning" for learning. The top area updates the learning progress in real time.Essence

■ After full school, enter the submission page of the study record, and click the "Submit Learning" button to submit.

■ In the case of completing the study, click "Go to the Exam" to enter the exam. If the previous test failed and the number of remaining exams and the number of times, click "Go to the Removal Exam" to make up the exam.

■ Users who passed the exam can click the "Go to View" button and jump to the "Internet progress" to view the record.

Which driver

Can I participate in the law?

Drivers holding a driver’s license to issue a motor vehicle driver’s license, do not distinguish between driving licenses, or whether to be the driver of the operating vehicle.You can participate in the law and reduce points.

One of the following situations,

Can’t apply for learning the law to reduce points

1. During the score cycle or in the previous score cycle, the driver of the motor vehicle has more than two or more participating in the full score education record;

2. In the last three scoring cycles, the driver of the motor vehicle escaped after the traffic accident, or drove a motor vehicle after drinking, or use a fake and altered motor vehicle number plate, driving license, driving license, school bus signs, or signs, or signs, or school bus signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs, or signs.Use other motor vehicle numbers, driving licenses, or buying points and selling points.

3. During the internship period, or the driving license of the motor vehicle is overdue, or the motor vehicle driver’s license is detained and temporarily deducted;

4. There is a record of unsustainable traffic violations in the name of the motor vehicle driver;

5. The motor vehicle that has a safety technical test in the driver of motor vehicle driver exceeds the validity period or has not been registered for cancellation in accordance with regulations;

6. In the last three scoring cycles, motor vehicle drivers participated in the scoring of traffic safety education deduction of traffic safety education or the full score of motor vehicle drivers.

Common issues of "learning and reducing points"

1. What are the rules and processes of "learning the law"?

1. If you take the online study exam, the driver shall complete the study within three days from the date of successful application. After the study is completed, the exam should be completed within seven working days. If the exam is qualified, one point will be reduced at a time.

2. The entire process is divided into four steps, namely online learning examination application, online study, online examination, and driving license reduction score.

2. Is there a limit on the number of participation in "learning and reducing points"?

There are no number of times.However, the driver of motor vehicles will not be able to continue to participate in the "learning method" after reaching 6 points within a scoring cycle.

3. If your driver’s license is deducted only 3 points, can you test 6 times, and you still store 3 points in completing this deduction?

This is not allowed.According to regulations, only the driver’s license has a deduction, and the deduction is less than 12 points.

Fourth, each scoring cycle can be reduced by 6 points. Can it be understood that the score of each scoring cycle has increased to 18 points?

no."Raising the scoring of driving licenses to 18 points" is a misunderstanding of the reform measures for "receiving traffic safety education and exemption of traffic violations".

The scoring score is deducted from the cumulative score value of the driver of the motor vehicle. It is not to make non -scores when dealing with traffic violations, nor can it be pre -deposited through "learning the law"."Reduced 6 points" to understand the full score value within the scoring cycle to 18 points.

5. What are the main contents of taking the exam?

The contents of participating in the study test include: judgment and case analysis of traffic violations; warning education of cases of traffic accident cases; self -negotiation and processing of road traffic accidents, fast compensation for fast compensation; common traffic signs, standard lines and traffic police gestures recognition; safe driving common sense; Highway driving common sense; common sense of severe weather and complex road driving; common sense of civilization driving; defensive driving knowledge; emergency avoidance common sense; driving psychological health knowledge; other related knowledge.

6. After completing a study, can I apply for the exam at any time?

Can’t.Apply for the exam within 7 working days from the date of completion.

7. How long is the length of the exam?How much is the title?What are the questions?How much is the answer?

The test time is 20 minutes, and the answer time for each question has a maximum of 60 seconds.The system will randomly extract 20 questions from the question bank. The question type is judgment questions, single selection questions, and multiple choice questions.For 18 questions and above are qualified, if the answering or over time is not accumulated, the system automatically determines that the exam is unqualified and the exam is exited.If the exam is not approved, you can apply for a supplementary test within 24 hours, and the re -examination is limited to 2 times.

8. Will calling when you use your mobile phone or getting your exam will it affect your studies or exams?

It will affect, do not answer calls during the study and examination.If you answer or exit the app during the study and examination process, it will affect the results of the study and examination.

Nine, what other circumstances will cause learning or exams?

The following circumstances will also lead to learning and testing:

1. If the portrait is not collected at randomly, the portrait is not collected;

2. Face recognition comparison and failure;

3. If the real person certification is not approved;

4. In the case of online learning and related knowledge on the road of road traffic safety laws, the examinations are not related to the activities.

10. What are the consequences of falsification and replacement in the process of "learning and reducing points"?

1. This "Learning Fa Reduction" is invalid;

2. Within three score cycles, the public security traffic management department will no longer accept its "learning and reduce points" application;

3. Join the blacklist of the Internet service platform. It is not allowed to handle public security traffic management business through the Internet service platform and self -service aircraft within three years;

4. Investigate the legal responsibility of relevant personnel in accordance with the law.

11. During the application of "learning the law", the driver scores 12 points. Can I continue to apply for scores?

Can’t.In accordance with the "Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China" and the provisions of the implementation regulations, if the score of 12 points within a scoring cycle reaches 12 points, the public security traffic management department detained its motor vehicle driver’s license.Study and take the exam of security laws and regulations.If the exam is qualified, the score is cleared, and the motor vehicle driver’s license will be issued; if the exam is not qualified, continue to take the study and examination.

12. What should I do if there is no objection to the results of the examination examination review?

Apply for review within 24 hours after receiving the review results.The public security traffic management department shall be reviewed within 3 working days and inform the review results.

Although the benefits of "learning and reducing points" are good

But remind everyone

Comply with traffic laws and regulations

Safe and civilized driving is the "king"!

Comprehensive source: Workers Daily Hubei released Hubei traffic police, etc.

Graphic production: Shanxi Radio and Television Rong Media

Source: Shanxi Radio and Television Station

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