The uncle in Guangdong was dyed "strange disease", and it was a scourge of lamb!Doctor: Pay attention to those who love to eat beef and mutton!

Repeated fever, afraid of cold

Fine and painful


Open your phone to see

This news is overwhelming

Could it be "Eryang"?

Recently there is an uncle

Repeatedly burned for more than 20 days

It’s not "Yang"

It’s "sheep"


Uncle dyed "strange disease"

Is it the scourge of lamb?

About a month ago, the uncle (pseudonym) of Shenzhen’s uncle (pseudonym) suddenly launched a burning, accompanied by back pain and pain in the joints of the left wrist.

At first he didn’t care too much, and bought some cold medicine.But after eating for a while, the condition did not ease: repeated fever, chills, the body temperature reached 38.5 ° C, the whole body joints became more and more painful, and people became more and more weak.

Is there a problem with the joint?Uncle A You came to the hospital to take a magnetic resonance.


Uncle Ayou took painkillers and still did not improve.After repeated fever for more than 20 days, he finally stepped into a hot clinic.

After Uncle Ayou told the doctor about his own situation, the doctor on duty came out coldly:

"Have you been exposed to lamb recently?"

"Every day!" Uncle Ayou replied.It turned out that Uncle Ayou was a lamb stall owner. He "dealt with" with fresh lamb every day. It is also common for being broken by bones.

The doctor on duty heard:

"You are likely to be infected with a bacteria called Brucelase, this disease will not be related to your long -term contact with raw lamb!"

Subsequently, Uncle Ayou was further diagnosed and treated in the infectious disease ward.Sure enough, after the detection and blood culture test of the Brucelasia disease antibody, Uncle Ayou’s results were prompted to be positive for Brucelam, and it was diagnosed with ——

Buluji disease

Brucemia under the microscope



Where is the "weird"?

Bruceta, what is this strange disease?Never heard of it!Uncle Ayou was confused, and the doctor explained:

Bruceta is a kind of human and animals suffering from infectious diseases, and is also known as wave -like fever.Clinically, the main infection of the human body is the sheep species Brucelasia (Malt Bruch), which has the strongest spread to the human body, the highest pathogenic rate, and the most harm.

This disease is often called "strange disease", mainly in the following reasons:

"God has no ghost", it is difficult to diagnose

After the patient is infected with Brucelase, the typical manifestations are repeated fever, sweat, joints, and muscle pain. The patient will also have weakness and weakness, so it is commonly known as "lazy Han disease".

In addition to the above typical symptoms, the disease may also affect multiple organs of the whole body, including bone joints (more common spinalitis), urogenital system (the most common diainnitis), nervous system, lung, liver, etc., and may even cause cloth cloth, which may even cause cloth clothLuciic heart endometritis, endangering life!

Due to diverse clinical manifestations and no difference, this disease is also easy to misdiagnose.

In addition, the latent period of Brucelasia is different, mostly slowly onset, less acute seizures, and can be transformed into chronic after acute attacks, which can repeatedly develop for several years.

"Hide" to the cells in the cells to make waves

Generally, bacteria are attacked and eliminated by the human body’s immune cells, and Brucelasia can hide in the human body’s own cells, thereby avoiding the attack cell attack and leading to sustainable infection.

Fortunately, after inspection, Uncle Ayou was not serious. After the regular treatment, Uncle Ayou soon did not have a fever, and the joint pain improved, so he was discharged with medicine.

When he was discharged from the hospital, the doctor repeatedly told him that oral drugs were taken at least 6 weeks, and regular rib clinics were regularly retired. Do not stop the drug at will to avoid recurrence.


Do n’t care if you love to eat beef and mutton

Brucemia can also "get sick from the mouth"

However, Uncle Ayou was sick because he dealt with raw lamb all year round.This Brucemia has nothing to do with our ordinary people, right?

There are relationships!There are three main infectious channels for this disease:

膜 Infectious in contact with skin and mucous membranes

Brucelasia in the blood, semen, and placenta in the infection of animals can enter the human body through human skin wounds and eye conjunctiva.If you do not pay attention to protection during breeding, milking, cutting hair, slaughtering, and processing skin, hair, meat, etc., it is easy to infect Brucelase; in addition, the environment and items that indirectly expose the pollution of diseased livestock may also be infected with BrucelaseEssence

✎Chimatic tract infection

Edible foods made by infected animals such as beef sheep milk, ice cream, butter and cheese that are not disinfected by Paas, and eating raw meat or unsatisfactory cooked beef and mutton products may also be infected with Brucelase.

Earlier, Xiamen reported a case of a case of eating lamb legs and infection with Brucelase; Department of Infectious Diseases in Shenzhen People’s Hospital has also received a family of four infected by Broosus infection due to drinking raw sheep milk.

染Pevector infection

In the environment of Brucelamid pollution, gas solution will form. In this environment, personnel in this environment will inhale air -soluble gel containing Brucelase, which will be infected.

Photo source: mixed knowledge


Prevention of Brucetic disease

what should I do?

✎ For the career

1. Knowing and knowing the other.Clearly grasp the source of the infection of Bruceta, the pathway, and clinical symptoms.

2. Self -protection.For example, wearing protective supplies such as gloves, masks, etc., maintain good hand -wash and disinfection habits, and strengthen personal protection.

3. Vaccine.Popular areas advocate to provide drug reduction vaccines for livestock, and high -risk population should also do a good job of vaccination of labor -related fungal seedlings.

✎ For ordinary people

1. Buy meat, milk and dairy products from regular channels, and do not contact or purchase unknown meats without quarantine or origin.

2. Brucelasia is not heat -resistant, so full cooking can effectively prevent Bruceta in the process of processing.Therefore, it is recommended that beef and mutton foods be cooked after cooking, and do not eat raw or half -life meat, especially when barbecue and shabu -shabu.

3. Do not drink the existing squeezed raw sheep milk and milk.This kind of fresh milk products must be fully heated and cooked or passed through Pakistan to drink.

4. Do personal protection when dealing with raw beef and mutton at home. The kitchen knives, chopping boards, etc. at home should be used for raw and cooked classification.

Transfer: Shenzhen Disease Control

Source: Xiaoqiang Hotline

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