The university security gave his wife 400,000 words of gifts, and the whole network was furious!


Wuhan Institute of Physical Education 56 years old

Canteen security guard Li Shiwei

Suddenly hot search!

He took three years to create

400,000 words of novel "The Earth of the Village"

Published by Kyushu Publishing House

And selected "Contemporary Chinese Literature Library"

Related videos are released on the Internet

“56 -year -old security writing more than 400,000 words long novel”

Attracted over 37 million people to watch

May 29th

Li Shiwei choked a few times when he talked about his wife:

No wife has been silent for many years

My own writer’s dream is just bubble

He said

This book is a gift given to his wife

His wife has been silently supported him

Li Shiwei is Zhoukou City, Henan Province

Hou Licun, Cuiqiao Town, Fuou County

The ancestors are farmers

In the third grade of elementary school

He became interested in literature

Dream as a writer

After graduating from junior high school, he has planted fruit trees

I have also done woodworking and tile workers

Most of China running through more than half of China

Day by day

In the evening workers pulling and drinking

This environment allows him to dream of the writer

Temporary hidden in the bottom of my heart

In 1989, Li Shiwei got married

Then there were two sons

To support their families

He started working to earn money to make money

Wife Gu Yunying at home

Planting land, bringing baby, taking care of the elderly

The farm work at home is done by Gu Yunying alone

To the harvest season

Li Shiwei will ask for leave home for help

When one year gives water to watermelon land, fertilizer

When Li Shiwei drove a four -wheeled car

I accidentally pressed my wife’s legs

Gu Yunying in order not to affect her husband to work

Pretend to rest

After your husband leaves

She dragged her legs and lying on the ground to work

She didn’t tell her husband this

She said, "He has his own dream,

I don’t want him to be distracted,

I can do it myself."

In the past few years, Li Shiwei every year

Just call home once or twice

Basically, the chat on the phone is your own book

How many chapters have been written and what are some stories

Gu Yunying can’t understand

But I will not blame my husband

I won’t complain about what time to create a novel during the work period

In order to have a relatively stable environment writing


Li Shiwei came to Wuhan Institute of Physical Education as a security guard

In June of the same year, he published short stories

"Hometown in Workers’ Package"

Then start trying to challenge the novel

Li Shiwei took more than two years

The first novel to be completed

Failure to publish for some reason


He learns lessons

Start creating the second minister’s novel

That is, the "Earth of the Village" recently published

"Earth of the Village"

Is a local work

It tells the pretty of the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

Story that happened in the village of East Henan

The protagonist in the novel is a couple

The husband is named Liu Haishan, and the wife is called Qiu Yan

"Liu Haishan" has a quarter of Li Shiwei’s shadow

The role of "Qiu Yan" originally hoped

Write according to the image of his wife

It was later found that it could not be loaded

Li Shiwei said:

"My love person is greater than the character,

She ate grass and squeezed out blood."

In early May, the publisher sent a new book

Li Shiwei held the book, his mind was blank

He called his wife as soon as possible, no one answered

He sent a WeChat:

"The book is here, isn’t it a dream?"

Soon, Gu Yunying called back:

"Are you talking about dream again?"

When you know it is a real publication

Gu Yunying, who worked in the ground, burst into tears

"I am a selfish person,

There are too many wives and children."

With the book, Li Shiwei rushed back to his hometown

In the town, he bought it

One pound of donkey meat and two two small wines

Talking about his wife, he said with emotion:

"We are two donkeys, we

That’s why you can grit your teeth to this day."

"I am not a writer, nor an Internet celebrity."

Li Shiwei’s hair is white

Mandarin is mixed with rural pronunciation

It’s a bit restrained when chatting with reporters

But I talked about literature and wife

His eyes lit up

Wuhan Institute of Physical Education Olympic Star Cafeteria

The duty room near the gate

Also Li Shiwei’s dormitory

One high and low bed, two old desks, a few chairs

It’s all furnishings

There are a variety of literary books on the desk

Li Shiwei’s favorite is

"Ordinary World" and "Complete Works of Lu Yao"

The publishing house sent a batch of books to Li Shiwei

He gave a lot of concern to help him who helped him

The rest of the few books

He wrapped in a packaging paper and hidden under the bedding

He said: "A few books are reluctant to give away,

This is a testimony of my wife and I,

I want to leave it to my grandson."

"I am not a writer, nor is it an Internet celebrity."

Facing netizens like

Li Shiwei said soberly

"I can’t float, and it will collapse as soon as it floats."

Now, his third minister novel

More than 20,000 words have been written

The theme is still a rural story

May 29th

Gu Yunying said on the phone and said on the phone

As long as he wants to write down

She will continue to support

"Because this is his life."

“56 -year -old security writing more than 400,000 words long novel”

After the Weibo hot searches

Netizens have commented on comments

"This is the power of dreams"

"Master in the folk"

Pursuing dreams

Uncle Banja Li Shiwei likes!

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Writing: Reporter Shiqiang Correspondent Li Xin Halloween

Picture: Reporter Shi Qiang’s part of the part of Wuhan Sports Institute

Source: Changjiang Daily

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