The uterine cavity adhesion causes the endometrium to be too thin and difficult to conceive. A secret recipe of Chinese medicine brings the hope of "life"

"Why don’t girls protect themselves well?" Today, a patient was diagnosed at the clinic to make me very angry. "Care yourself, love yourself" seems to be a truth that all women understand, but when I do itCan’t do it!

The patient was only 24 years old at a young age, and he had been unable to conceive for two years with her husband for two years. The family had to do inspecting the girl who had been refused. Until today, when she was helpless to come to the clinic with her husband.My husband went out from the clinic and waited outside. I was very puzzled at the time. Then the girl said that she knew it was infertile because of the uterine cavity adhesion.Before, I was relatively unknown. I had two abortion surgery at home and scratched the palace.I was shocked at the time that I didn’t know what to say for a while, and I didn’t know if I was distressed or angry.She said: She is now sensible, and she wants to live with her husband well. I hope I can help her, and her heart is mixed, but she also agreed.

The consultation process understands: the patient’s menstrual flow is less than 2 years, and it has not been contraceptive and uncomfortable for 1 year.The regular menstrual cycle rules, the last menstrual flow is relatively small than before, and the menstrual period is 5 days. The two days before the menstrual period are painful and painful.The tongue is red, the moss is thin, and the pulse is sinking. Due to the uterine cavity adhesion, the endometrium is not continuous, the endometrium is uneven, unclear, and uneven; the endometrium is irregular.

This deficiency refers to kidney deficiency or spleen deficiency, qi and blood deficiency, etc. In short, it is inadequate and deficiency, which affects the normal growth and repair of the endometrium;

The standard is blood stasis, the uterine cavity is damaged by the golden blade, infected with evil toxic, leading to the formation of blood stasis, blood stasis stagnation, causing qi and blood to be unable to reach the uterus, the endometrium is lost, which affects it.Growth and repair.

Groups: Codonopsis, astragalus, atractylodes, yam, lily, raspberry, filament, lotus seeds, mulberry, black wolfberry, yellow essence, bergamot

This prescription is mainly taken in the later stage. By monitoring ovulation, the timing of ovulation is accurately grasped, and the endometrium damaged due to the adhesion of the uterine cavity is repaired to help the pregnancy to help the pregnancy.

Founding Chinese medicine materials: Codonopsis, Astragalus, Atractylodes, qi and spleen, long membrane nourishment, and coexistence of princes; yam, Huang Jingjian spleen nourishing the kidneys, helping long nourishment, raspberry, silk, lotus seeds, mulberry, black wolfberry, and black wolfberry.The five sons and nourish liver blood, nourish the kidney meridians, and feel at ease, and play the effect of warming the nest and bubbles and the growth of membrane growth.For the medicine.The main efficacy of the eggs is to nourish o’clock and diaphragm.

After the prescription was opened, the patient found that the symptoms of usual symptoms after 3 months of continuous taking were improved. At the same time, he said a word: "Everything is sick is a small thing that can be solved.One must take good care of it, don’t do stupid things in the future. "

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