The well -known beautiful models in Hong Kong confirmed the diagnosis!I dare not take medicine for 3 months of pregnancy, and get a wedding immediately after recovery

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Worry!According to the latest reports of the Hong Kong media, the newly -known wedding of Hong Kong and singer Wu Haokang, Guo Silin, exposed the diagnosis!

Earlier, Guo Silin passed rapid self -test, and the results were displayed as positive.She completed her home isolation at home and has recovered.

According to Wu Haokang, because Guo Silin has been pregnant for 3 months, she dare not take any medicines. During the isolation, she can only drink water and use salt water and mouth to respond.

Fortunately, Guo Silin’s situation is relatively stable.There are no symptoms such as fever, cough, and runny nose, but the throat has slight discomfort. It should belong to a minor confirmed case.

In fact, Guo Silin had been vaccinated in accordance with the regulations. This time, she announced that she did not know where she was infected through self -test, so she was quite helpless.

Because Wu Haokang had lived with Guo Silin, and Wu Haokang’s father who had a heart disease also lived together, the family stayed at home at that time.Wu Haokang has been accompanied in the bedroom.Guo Silin, who was diagnosed, wasolated in a bedroom alone.

In order to reduce face -to -face communication, the two couples communicated under the same roof, but they communicated through the form of video calls every day.

Guo Silin is isolated in the bedroom. In addition to taking the time to exercise, he will collect a lot of knowledge about pregnancy and postpartum, so isolation life is quite full.

A few days ago, Wu Haokang held a romantic wedding ceremony with Guo Silin.Recently, the Hong Kong epidemic situation was severe, and Guo Silin recovered. The two couples still chose to hold a wedding immediately. At that time, they were questioned by many netizens.

Although the wedding of the two chose to be on the outskirts outside the city, and only invited relatives from both sides to attend, many netizens teased in such a severe situation: the two are really big!

Wu Haokang and Guo Silin had a scandal last year.At that time, the two were photographed quietly by the media, but at that time, there was a boyfriend outside Guo Silin, so Guo Silin was also questioned!

It may be to avoid suspicion. At that time, after Guo Silin and Wu Haokang were filmed, she immediately clarified that the two were just good friends, but their ordinary friends dated, not an ambiguous relationship.

As a result, less than a year after the incident, the two really came together, and they also announced that double joy was coming!Not only is they getting married, Guo Silin has not married yet.

The two suddenly announced their marriage, and the outside world was also quite shocked.Wu Haokang is also very satisfied with Guo Silin.He praised each other many times in front of the media: filial piety, kindness, and good personality.

In the impression of Xiaobian, Wu Haokang was once known as one of the "scum men" representatives in the entertainment industry in Hong Kong.For many years, Wu Haokang and many female artists in the Hong Kong performing arts circle have been in love.

Like the well -known TVB, Hu Dingxin, TVB’s rich girl Zhuang Simin, and well -known singer Zhong Shuman are his ex -girlfriends.It was just that these loves could not come together in the end.The most important reason is that Wu Haokang does not have a different relationship.

Recently, the epidemic in Hong Kong is indeed very severe, and the number of new diagnosis has exceeded 10,000 daily diagnosis!Although the epidemic has eased in recent days, many diagnosis artists have announced their comeback one after another, but they still cannot have any relaxation!

This time, Guo Silin was unfortunately diagnosed with her pregnancy, and she was really helpless.In the end, she hoped that she could pay attention to her body, and of course I also wished the baby in her belly to be born safely.

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