The wife is pregnant with others and children, threatening her husband to "take on", and the mother -in -law actually advises men to be generous.

The wife who was derailed in her wife was pregnant with her lover, but she threatened her husband as shamelessly. The man was anxious to say that the mother -in -law would say, but the other party responded to his moral abduction -"As a man, you have to be more generous!"

His wife Li Ling (pseudonym) and her husband Xu Peng (pseudonym) for 2 years. Because the separation between the two places has never asked for children, Xu Peng is honest and diligent, which is relatively dull and not romantic enough.

He worked in a foreign time all year round and returned to the house once a few months. Li Ling was alone in the empty room. He was lonely and boring to talk to a number of men in social software. Later, driven by curiosity, the two sides met privately in private.

At first, Li Ling also felt sorry for her husband, but after all, she defeated her mind after all. In one or two, her relationship with male netizens gradually upgraded and talked directly to the bed. After the first time, she was not discovered by her husband. She was still guilty.But once, there were countless times, and she became more rampant later, and she also enjoyed this feeling of excitement.

In this way, after half a year, the month of a month was delayed. She was uneasy. It was not until the two bars on the pregnancy test stick that I couldn’t hide it.Pregnancy, obviously the child is not his.

Perhaps her thoughts have not been on her husband for a long time, and she also understands that her husband will not divorce easily, so she shows a card with her husband and said in a threatened tone: "This child is someone else.Then make up. "

When the husband learned about the truth, it was like a thunderbolt. He was angry and helpless. He had to find his mother -in -law to say. As a result, the other party’s words made her understand that her mother must have her daughter.

The mother -in -law said, "Xiao Xu! It’s difficult to say that you have no ability to make my daughter pregnant. Now she is pregnant. You can be considered a successor. As a man, you have to be a little more generous!"

It turned out that Xu Peng suffered from weak sperm, and the chance of pregnancy was very low. His wife insulted and cracked down on him as a reason for derailment.

Xu Peng had no choice but to sue his wife to the court. She believed that his wife was derailed in the marriage, and asked the court to decide the divorce and let Li Ling pay him a mental loss fee.

Whether the female party can be divorced in the marriage during marriage should be divided into two cases. According to Article 1082 of the Civil Code, "the woman during pregnancy, one year after childbirth, or within six months after pregnancy, or six months after pregnancy, within six months of pregnancy,The man must not propose a divorce ", which is a kind of protection for women in specific periods.

Although the law protects the rights and interests of pregnant women and is not allowed to be divorced, this law also stipulates and gives the court to the court to have a certain right to load. Li Ling in this case has a major fault due to derailment.It is necessary to accept the divorce request of men.

According to the "Civil Code", the people’s court should be invalidated due to the divorce and living with others.Xu Peng in the case is the victim, and his legitimate rights and interests should be protected.

In addition, the Civil Code also stipulates that during the existence of men and women’s marriage, there is no wrong party to ask for compensation for damage to major overpaslastic parties. This compensation includes material damage compensation and mental damage compensation.

Normally, men and women in marriage should follow the principles of equality, but the woman in pregnancy is in a weak position, and its physiological and psychological unstable and fragile. In addition to protect the rights and interests of the fetus in the abdomen, we will do haircuts for this reason.Protect women and fetuses of women and fetuses in special periods.

However, the protection of the woman’s rights and interests cannot be based on infringing the men’s rights. From the above case, it can be seen that Li Ling’s derailment behavior during the continuation of the marriage relationship with Xu Peng is a fault.Family ethics has caused mental damage to Xu Peng. According to comprehensive considerations such as damage and Li Ling’s economic ability, it must be paid to Xu Peng’s certain damage compensation.

In addition, the woman was originally in a weak position during pregnancy, but she was pregnant with the children of others. The obligations of the fetus and care of the fetus were borne by her biological father, which had nothing to do with Xu Peng.

Divorce is the legal way for Xu Peng to protect his rights and interests. If the two parties cannot handle divorce after negotiation, then he can sue divorce. If the court does not accept it or does not judge this, this is unfair to Xu Peng.Essence

All in all, loyalty is the most basic moral guidelines for marriage. The woman derailed and conceived with others, violated loyalty obligations, and caused major psychological damage to the man. The relationship between the two sides has broken and met the divorce conditions.

In addition, legal maintenance is justice, which has the role of education and guidance. If the court does not accept or does not approve divorce, it is obviously to promote the derailment of the flames of the derailment.It should be treated with peace of mind, and everyone is equal in front of the law.

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