The wife is strange to get pregnant, the husband suspects that he is not born, but he uses a divorce to test his wife

Guide: Marriage relationship is worthy of our care and maintenance, but irreparable marriage needs to be terminated appropriately.For the long -term happiness of partners and children, they should also choose elegance when they divorce.

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Adapted by the case:

Mr. Zhang and Ms. Li have been married for five years. The two have always hoped that there is a baby belonging to himself, but when things go wrong, Ms. Li has never conceived her baby.After that, the two went to the hospital for examination. The results showed that Mr. Zhang’s sperm survival rate was very low, but the two had not been discouraged. Ms. Li’s remarks also moved to Mr. Zhang.

But the most afraid of marriage is to be suspicious of each other. Ms. Li was pregnant with her children, but she was not as good as she was not pregnant.Since his wife is pregnant, Mr. Zhang has been suspicious and feels like someone outside.Later, suspicion became heavier and heavier, and always felt that the child in his wife’s belly was not his own.

Mr. Zhang also really likes Ms. Li, but it is just a hurdle in the heart.Later, Mr. Zhang wanted to know if his wife still loved himself. Is the child in the stomach who was herself? He went directly to the court to sue for divorce.Looking at the divorce pass, and looking at the husband on the sofa, Ms. Li was very puzzled.

So Mr. Zhang said that this was not done by himself, and then he hit a rake again, saying whether there was someone outside Ms. Li, the third party did it.Of course, Ms. Li explained to her husband, and then went to the court to ask again.Then I learned about the ridiculous things that Mr. Zhang did.

Lawyer Online:

According to the "Marriage Law", prosecution of divorce is one of the two existing divorce methods in my country.The applicable occasion is that the husband and wife cannot reach a consensus on the division of property, the child care fee, the creditor’s rights sharing, and the exploration of the interview, and can only be resolved by suing the divorce.

At the same time, if one party requires divorce, the other party does not agree or the whereabouts of the other party are unknown, and the other party will divorce; or one party has no ability to resolve the divorce.

If the prosecution of divorce is accepted by the court, the following conditions need to be met:

1. The original defendant must have a legal marriage when prosecution;

2. Submitted evidence materials such as civil prosecution, identity information, marriage certificate and other evidence;

3. If the original defendant is a person who has a capable capacity for civil behavior, he can litigation alone.However, if one or two parties are non -complete civilian abilities, they need to participate in the lawsuit by the close relatives other than their spouses.

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