The wife was 8 months pregnant, and the husband’s bizarre disappeared wife learned the truth, and made an amazing decision.

The wife was 8 months pregnant, and the husband’s bizarre disappeared wife learned the truth, and made an amazing decision.

It was an ordinary and warm family. Kevin and Alice were a couple who had been in love for many years.They support each other and experience the ups and downs and storms of life together.However, when Alice was 8 months pregnant, Kevin suddenly disappeared, leaving a wife who did not know the truth.

The news of missing was like a blockbuster bomb, which instantly destroyed Alice’s peaceful life.She looked around, worried about her husband’s safety, but she had no clue.The police involved in the investigation, but had not been able to find Kevin’s trace.The entire family was caught in endless anxiety and sorrow.

Gradually, Alice began to re -examine the marriage, thinking about whether her husband’s departure was related to her.Thinking back to the past, she found that she often ignored Kevin’s feelings and needs in the anxiety during work and pregnancy.Perhaps this is one of the reasons he chose to leave.

However, Alice did not give up the hope of looking for her husband.With the encouragement of a friend, she began to participate in some women’s support activities and met many like -minded female friends.In the communication with them, Alice gradually calmed down his inner anxiety and learned to accept his emotions.

At a gathering of organizations, Alice met a seemingly ordinary but unusual woman, her name was Maya.Maya is a psychologist, and a gentle and understanding smile makes people feel close.After several exchanges, Maya and Alice became friends.

Gradually, Alice opened his heart to Mayan, and she told her thoughts on her husband and concerns about the future.Maya was not rushing to give suggestions, but accompanied her with a listening and understanding attitude.She told Alice that everyone had a pure land in her heart, and she needed patience and love to take care.

The time of time, Alice gradually relieved, she understood that she could not deny her value because of her husband’s departure.She learned to care for herself, take care of herself and the upcoming child.Maya silently supported her behind and helped her re -establish confidence.

However, one day, when Alice went to the hospital for a birth checkup, she was told that the child’s health was in some problems.The doctor told her heavily that the child suffered from a rare congenital heart disease and needed surgery immediately, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

Facing the cruel reality, Alice was in a huge pain.She doesn’t know what to do, fearing that her decision may affect the future of the child.In despair, she found Mayan again, seeking her help and opinions.

Maya did not give a direct answer, but guided Alice to reflect on her inner needs and love for children.In the long -term long talk, Alice gradually understood that she was willing to pay for the future of her children, even if this meant that she had to face difficulties and challenges alone.

Finally, she made up her mind and decided to undergo surgery for her children.Accompanied by friends and Maya, Alice spent the difficult time for surgery.The child has successfully surgery. Although he still needs to be treated for a long time, his life has continued.

After experiencing all this, Alice regained herself again, and she re -examined her relationship with her husband.Although she lost contact, she chose to believe that Kevin may have her own difficulties and confusion.She no longer blame him, but hopes that he can live well.

As a result, Alice started a new life.She tried to take care of her children and poured all her love on him.At the same time, she also picked up her career and strived to pursue her dream.Maya has always been her strong backing, and her support and encouragement have made Alice bravely facing everything.

After all, life will continue in the torrent of time.Aegish

Lis learns to be strong. She knows that no matter what difficulties encounter, she can deal with it.Her child thrives with her company, and she has gradually found her happiness on the way to grow.

Perhaps in the future, Kevin will appear again, and they will have the opportunity to sit down and communicate with each other’s voice.Regardless of the future, Alice will tell the child how much he is loved. His birth has brought her mother to strong and courage, making her a better person.

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