The wife was five months pregnant, and the husband asked for divorce. What should the wife do?

The wife was five months pregnant, and the husband refused to divorce. What should the wife do?In today’s society, we find that the people around them are increasingly accepted by older unmarried men and women.In fact, the reason is very simple, because the purpose of going to blind dates is the same, that is, to find someone to get married as soon as possible, so it is not uncommon for lightning marriage in the blind date.Xiao Liu got married quickly after the blind date six months ago.It was originally a very happy thing, but recently Xiao Liu and his wife proposed a divorce and asked to refund the gift.What is going on?

From the description of Liu Liu, we probably sorted out this matter, as follows:

1. Xiao Liu is 33 years old.He is a senior programmer in a software company, with stable work and good income.In the mouth of neighbors, he is a honest child and the pride of his parents.The only thing that worried about his parents was the marriage of Xiao Liu.At the age of 33, Xiao Liu himself was very anxious, but he was too shy, facing more computers than facing people.Seeing girls blushing and not talking, Xiao Liu has not even had a girlfriend.

2. Five months ago, someone introduced Xiao Liu to go on a blind date.Xiaoyun, a girl who came to the blind date, was very beautiful. Besides, Xiao Liu, who was speechless, could not show disgust.She felt that Xiao Li was cute, and the two people talked more and more.After this blind date, Xiao Liu and girl Xiaoyun met again twice.At the third meeting, Xiaoyun said that she was old and wanted to marry Xiao Li as soon as possible.

3. After Xiao Liu went home to tell his parents about marriage, his parents were surprised, but they were even more happy.At the request of Xiaoyun, everything was simple. He gave Xiaoyun’s family a gift of 200,000 yuan.A week later, Xiao Liu and Xiaoyun got married, and Xiaoyun became Xiao Liu’s wife. When Xiao Li was sleeping, he really woke up.When Xiao Li said this, Bian Xiao could feel the deep happiness in his tone.

4. After one month of marriage, the turning point appeared.Xiao Liu found that his wife’s lower abdomen was slightly raised, and often felt nauseous.After Xiao Liu asked, his wife Xiaoyun said, but Xiao Liu couldn’t believe it. His wife said to Xiao Liu: "I have been pregnant for five months, my ex -boyfriend, but we have broken up."

5. His wife Xiaoyun’s frankness made Xiao Liu overwhelmed.He remembered a happy smile when his parents got married, and he really liked his wife.Xiao Liu made a decision.He hopes that his wife will not have this child, and he will never know it.They will work together to build this little family in the future.I thought my wife would readily accept my proposal, but what Xiao Liu didn’t expect was that his wife rejected his request.In the anger, Xiao Li and his wife divorced, asking his wife Xiaoyun to return 200,000 yuan.

After understanding the situation, the mediation staff accompanied Xiao Liu to find his wife Xiaoyun.Xiaoyun told us that she didn’t want to divorce, and she really wanted to live a good life with Xiao Liu.This pregnancy did not conceal her husband Xiao Liu, but she never found a suitable opportunity to tell Xiao Liu.His wife Xiaoyun also said that he lost contact with his ex -boyfriend, so let her husband Xiao Liu not look at it again.@

Regarding why she refused her husband’s proposal, Xiaoyun told the mediator that she had difficulties. When she went to the hospital a few months ago, the doctor said that her uterine wall was very thin. This time, she was a miracle to be pregnant.If this pregnancy abortion, it is basically impossible to get pregnant anymore in the future.Xiaoyun rejected Xiao Liu’s request to divorce and return the gift.She hopes her husband Xiao Liu will give her a chance.She also said that she really likes her husband Xiao Liu. She really couldn’t wait for her child to be born, so she sent her child to her parents and did not let Xiao Liu see.

Now the situation of Xiao Liu is that if he chooses to forgive his wife, he will accept the fact that his wife has been pregnant for five months. In the future, he may not have his own child.For Xiao Liu, he was very painful.He still likes his wife Xiaoyun.

What do you think of this?From the perspective of standing viewers, would you choose to forgive or not forgive Xiao Liu’s wife Xiaoyun?Will the difficulty of his wife be the reason why she concealed pregnancy when she got married?After the divorce, Xiao Liu asked to return the gift to the gift too much?

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