The wife was pregnant with the first child!Witched on the honeymoon in Hawaii

▲ "Welcome, Teacher Kato" reporter’s phase leaves at the interview meeting

"I saw the phase leaves at a senior resort hotel in Weiki, Hawaii. It seemed to be his wife next to it. From time to time, the two looked at each other face -to -face, smiling, and intimately.It’s also very harmonious and happy to get up. "(Tourists who go to Hawaii)

Now, "VS Soul" (Fuji TV), "Woo!Intersection"Everyone’s Zoo" (Japanese TV station) and other variety shows are Xiangya Ji (39 years old) of the focus of work.

By July 3rd, he appeared in the stage play "Welcome, Teacher" again after 12 years. On July 13, he also served as the host of "2022 FNS Ballad Six" (Fuji TV).

In mid -July after work, Xiangye enjoyed a short break.

"In September last year, Xiangye announced that she was married to a woman A, one year older than herself.

During the 10 -year period of time, the two had hardly gone out together. A always cooks at home and waits for Xiangye to go home to understand the position of Xiangye and give support.Xiangye’s time to Hawaii this time is not only thanks to A, but also a reward for his own work.They stayed there for about a week."(Acquaintances in Xiangye)

Hawaii, a newlywed travel place, is a significant place for Lan.

In September 1999, the sea outside of Honorulu, Lan held a debut meeting on the cruise ship.

The member of the member of "Lan" is a major event for him. In the shooting of the new advertisement of the "Sanya Soda" launched on the 12th of this month, this question "What is the memory about summer?"Ye’s answer is: "The sea of Hawaii in September 1999!" (People in the music industry)

After his debut, the fate of Xiangye and Hawaii continues.

"In 2002, Lan held a tour in Hawaii. Before the phase leaf suffered from pneumonia, although he participated in the exchange activities with fans, he could not perform fierce performances on the scene.Feel sorry’."

Before he was shameful, he was a 15th anniversary concert held in Korona, Hawaii in September 2014.

At that time, the phase leaves performed very well. In the final speech, he said, ‘I am glad to save some of the concerts, which is a very meaningful Hawaii concert for me.‘Hawaii has many memories for phase leaves."(People in the music industry in the previous article)

▲ Ye Yaji, who wears casually

How did Xiang Ye spend this time in the Holy Land in Lan Lan?

"Enjoy the fun of golf in nature with his colleagues. It is said that he also went to Wicky Beach with Ms. A. Will they talk about Lan’s memories in Hawaii?" (Acquaintances in the previous article)

The tourist who went to Hawaii at the beginning of the article continued.

"Xiangye looks very concerned about his wife. Even if it is a small step, in order to prevent his wife from falling, his right hand is still holding his wife’s waist … I am still thinking about" Xiangye is as gentle as I impressed. "His wife’s big belly, she wears loose clothes, should be pregnant. "

Therefore, this magazine asked this good news to the affiliates of Xiangye, and got the answer of "really pregnancy".

■ "The relationship with parents is close to the ideal family"

According to the staff of the TV station, Xiangye is preparing to welcome the birth of the first child, and learn how to be a father from the "predecessor".

"It is said that he was asking about how to take care of the pregnant wife, as well as psychological preparations before childbirth, and the psychological preparation before childbirth.For the Xiangye family, the family of Fengjian is their strong backing. "

Following the second palace and Ye (39 years old), who was born in March 2021, Xiangye will become Lan’s second father.

In an interview released by the online media "Film Cafe" in April 2015, Xiangye was asked what the ideal family was like. He replied, "My (practical) family is".

"Drink with your father, make dumplings together, and go to eat together. There is almost no sense of distance. The current family relationship is very close to the ideal state."

What kind of father do you want to be like this?

"Xiang Ye has experienced basketball and baseball since he was a child. Now he also likes sports. He said that if you have a child, I want him to participate in sports’.It will also be born naturally. "(Acquaintances in the previous article)

When starring in the TV series "My Girl" (Asahi TV) starred for the first time played the role of father, Xiangye was asked: "What kind of father do you think you will be?"

Regarding this issue, he said: "I feel that I will be very good to the child every day, so be careful not to protect the child too much. It will probably be a dad who spoils the child." ("Ori ★ Star" October 12, 2009)Essence

Just like when traveling in Hawaii, he often pays attention to his wife, and phase leaves will definitely become a gentle father.

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