The wife was pregnant, witnessed her husband stealing, and the high emotional business mother -in -law calmly saved my marriage

The wife was pregnant, witnessed her husband stealing, and the high emotional business mother -in -law calmly saved my marriage

Marriage is responsibility, but also self -discipline. If you can’t keep your bottom line, you will not be able to give women happiness.

Many derailed men just want to find stimuli and do not want to divorce. They regard extramarital affairs as a regulator for boring life, but there are very few people who really want to divorce.Because they also understand that no one can do this position.

It is said that men’s derailment is only zero and countless times. Is it that everyone who derails is not worth forgiveness?

My name is Xiaoyu. For two years, we have been loving sweet.Now my baby is almost born, and I am immersed in the joy of my first mother.It is really difficult to say that as a woman, and she is involuntary in the workplace.

I just insist that I will take a break until the delivery period, because the pressure is too high, and if you pay attention to your position, you will be squeezed out.If you don’t want to be eliminated, you can only insist on.

I just didn’t make me think that when my child was about to be born, my husband was derailed.

That day I was holding a big belly and went to the mall to buy small clothes for my children.I just saw a beautiful woman like a willow, holding her husband’s arm in front of me.The two were affectionate, and her husband’s hands were still carrying a few shopping bags!

Draw a picture

I was in place, and the anger in my heart was burning.I really want to step forward and tear up the pair of dogs and women.But I immediately suppressed the simple and rude thoughts of the village woman. Now my belly can’t stand the toss.My heart was so powerful that I found a place to sit down immediately, and my heart was mixed.Tears flowing down, I don’t know what to do for a while!

I didn’t understand until this moment that my husband always looked at the mirror recently, hid in the bathroom to talk to the phone, and sprayed perfume before going out … It was my energy on the children in my stomach, ignoring these details.

The more I thought about it, but I still held back the anger in my heart and returned home alone.I am going to secretly kill the child and divorce him.When the mother -in -law knew, she rushed over immediately.In front of me, I dumped my husband’s two slaps.

My mother -in -law said, "You are confused! You are 30 years old and you don’t understand. Why do you like you!You! "The mother -in -law said more and more anger:" I can tell you, I only recognize Xiaoyu’s daughter -in -law, if you divorce, I will not recognize your son. "

Her husband was usually very respectful. She looked at her mother -in -law and quickly knelt in front of her and prayed for forgiveness.At this time, my mother -in -law said, "I beg your daughter -in -law forgiveness, not me."

My husband kneeled in front of me, saying that he was fascinated by his ghosts, saying that it was his fault … I was sad, and I couldn’t listen to what he said.Suddenly my stomach hurt, and I went to the toilet and broke.My mother -in -law and husband immediately sent me to the hospital.

The child was born like this, and was a boy.

After the child was born, her mother -in -law treats all aspects of my confinement like her daughter.She said that it is not easy for a woman to have a child, and she must do the confinement.Don’t think about it in advance, she will stand on me anyway.

She invited me a very experienced month to take care of my living with my children.Go to the market early every morning and purchase fresh ingredients.She will check it carefully every day for meals to see if it is my taste and whether there is any need to improve.

She was busy taking care of me every day, watching her gray hair, and I was a little distressed and moved.

When the child was full of moon, my mother -in -law stuffed me a 100,000 card to let me collect it for the child.I said to my mother -in -law, "I can’t want this money, I am going to divorce."My mother -in -law said, "No matter how you decide, you have to hold this money. You have a child now, and there are more places to spend money. It was originally that our family owed you. This is a compensation!"

Since the child is born, her husband is very quiet.But he still couldn’t hide his joy to treat his children.Every day after class, you will rush to hold your child, change your child to the child, and tease your child to play.He also humbly asked Yuezhang to talk about the nursing knowledge of babies.Watching him so good to the child, I even stunned for a while, feeling what happened before it was like a dream.

Two months later, my husband kneeled in front of me again, praying for my forgiveness.He said that he was completely broken and the girl, and he would not contact in the future.He is sorry for me, and he will double to me in the future and be good for children!

Should I forgive him?I have been swaying, looking at the children waiting to be fed, I really can’t bear it.But what happened that day was like playing a movie in my mind. What should I do?

Feelings: Should you divorce, this will be clear.The first point is that you still love this person?Look at your ability to accept again. If you are a perfectionist, you do not allow any flaws in your feelings, you will not forget that, no matter how hard the other person works, you cannot calm the pain in your heart.Intersection

Divorce cannot be relied on for a moment.Things have already happened. It is important to find a solution, otherwise it can only hurt yourself.If the other party really changed, it depends on whether you can accept it!

There are choices everywhere in life, and self -choice.As for whether to divorce, you must figure out your inner needs.Only you know whether your marriage is most likely to keep it.”emotion”

But no matter how you live, you must continue. Life is too short and can not stand the long -term harm and torture.Think about it, decide, don’t drag water, no matter what you used to have your life experience, cheer up, you can start a new life.

If you are Xiaoyu, do you choose to divorce or forgive for your child?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.Pay attention to Qian Meng, the story around you continues!

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