The woman escaped by drinking and driving, and after being caught, he shouted that he gave me 50,000 first. Don’t move me when I get pregnant

Today, I will share with you a strange accident escape. On July 18, some netizens broke the news that a drunk driving, escape, top bag, and provocative trouble occurred in Qingdao, Shandong.

"It was him who gave me 50,000 first, I was pregnant, don’t move me." Facing the police’s inquiry, the woman in the video completely lost the rational roar.

It turned out that a taxi was driving normally that day. As a result, the woman involved drove a Mercedes -Benz and said directly, scratching the taxi.

As a result, the woman not only stopped the car in time to deal with the traffic accident, but accelerated the scene. When the taxi driver saw this, he quickly accelerated the chase, chased a few streets, and finally caught up with the Mercedes -Benz car.A intersection led him off.

The taxi driver went up and called the people on the Mercedes -Benz car. As a result, the crazy woman we saw at the beginning was when the woman went out of the car, and the taxi driver smelled the woman.In a drink, knowing that the other party must be drunk, it may even be drunk.So I wanted to talk to each other privately and had 50,000.(This is what the woman involved later)

It is not ruled out that there is such a situation. To be honest, some taxi drivers are really thief. They have no responsibility to be responsible for the other party, and the other party is drunk driving.High, or did you go on?The two parties did not talk well for this, so the taxi driver reported to the police.

As soon as the police approached, the woman was full of alcohol, and asked her if she drove the car?As a result, the woman denied that the car was her own, but the car was her own. The boyfriend’s boyfriend drove a circle and said that the car was driven by herself.As a result, the taxi driver said at this time that he had a driving recorder in the car. He just saw that the woman came out of the cab.

Seeing that his behavior was about to be exposed, so there was a scene of pioneering and splashing. He kept clamoring, so that the police did not approach themselves, and said how he was drinking?Don’t move yourself, I have been pregnant for five months, and I said my stomach pain for a while, and fell to the ground with the trend.I also took out my mobile phone to call my mother.

At this moment, the taxi driver was poured on the fire again. He said, let’s see it, people found someone, and this time the woman was so angry that the taxi driver began to start.Fifty thousand yuan is private.

In fact, it can be seen from the video that women are full of tattoos, and the kind of flying expression does not look good. If he has been pregnant for more than five months as he said, why do you still need to be more than five months old?Go to drink, such people are not responsible for their own flesh and blood. Do you still expect him to be responsible for others?

Maybe he also knew that he was driving and driving, so he did not stop the car to deal with the accident when he began to occur. He wanted to see if he could run away. I didn’t expect the taxi driver to catch him.This time, it is not only drunk driving, but also to escape, but also wants to let her boyfriend come to the top bag.

But in the end, if this taxi driver wants to buy 50,000 yuan as a woman said, this taxi driver is really unknown. Maybe he also looks at the other party’s Mercedes -Benz. The conditions at home should be good.Because the consequences of drunk driving are very serious, I want to see if the other party can give the other party more privately, and it is clear that the alarm should take the regular channel from the beginning.

What do you think of the behavior of women and taxis drivers?

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