The woman married the vegetative husband, but she didn’t take long for her newly married to her pregnancy!#Because of one …

For the newlywed dinner, people always listened to Fu Huaishen on the day of marriage.

The woman was married to the vegetative husband, but she was pregnant after her wedding, but was diagnosed by the doctor in less than a month.Lin Qianqian, are you pregnant?How is it possible to get pregnant?I haven’t had the same room yet, have you misdiagnosed it?But she has never betrayed her husband. What is going on?Since marrying a man, women wake up every day and feel sore, but looking at the paralyzed husband next to her, she feels that she thinks about it.

What can she do to herself?Although the woman was treated with acupuncture for him every day, the man was still moving like a rock.The second uncle showed his true face while no one at home.The woman didn’t want to ignore him, but the second uncle had to go into the scoot to get his hands on the woman, and the name of Grandma Fu Shao.

Although it sounds nice, it is a pity that Huai Shen may not be awake in the bed.It’s better to follow me, I will let you know how happy it is, and what?The beaten second uncle became angry and vowed to clean up her today.At the crisis, the mother -in -law came back in time, and the woman rushed to the mother -in -law’s arms aggrieved. At this time, the second uncle happened to catch up and saw that the sister -in -law returned the second uncle and changed his face.The mother -in -law warned that although his son was not awake, this did not mean that someone could bully his daughter -in -law at will.

Seeing no benefit, the second uncle had to leave smoothly.Later, her mother -in -law gave her ancestral jade pendant to her daughter -in -law, and promised that she had to wait for his son to wake up the entire Fu family.However, all this was heard by the cousin, and she vowed to drive the woman out of the rich.At night, the woman told the vegetative husbands that the grievances suffered during the day. Although he knew that it was nothing to do with him, the only person she could speak now is only him.

Soon the cousin, who was attentive, caught the handle of a woman and other men. When he returned home, his mother -in -law had already waited for her at home.Mom, I haven’t rest so late, you kneel down for me.What happened to mom?Lin Qianqian, you have a husband, you secretly see the man, where did you put the Fu family’s face?I have no mother today. The evidence is conclusive today.Don’t deny that it is my pity my cousin, but now I still have a sense of unconsciousness but turmoil at the top of my head.If you wake up and find that his newlywed wife is so unbelievable, I am afraid that they will faint again.

You are kneeling for me now and don’t give me up on this day.Did the only person who was good to me now that the Fu family hate me?Fu Huaishen, when will you wake up?Will you treat me like this when you wake up?Fu Huaishen I scolded again today, and was punished for a night.They said that I had a husband to go to a man in private, but I really did n’t. I just went to see a schoolman to talk about his studies. Will you believe me?

Lin Qianqian takes off the jade on your neck. Where can a soil buns in the countryside wear such a good thing?This Yu Pei was given by mom. You want to find mom, what do you want to do?You are just a happy girl, and the bones are humble.Is it over?After that, I am leaving, who asked you to go upstairs?

If my cousin had something to do, how did you make people match my door?Give me Yu Pei, what you do, you really do money for a piece of jade, and he started Li Yan with me for a piece of jade.No matter how much, she is also your cousin to respect me a little bit.You actually helped her to speak, and this woman only assigned Fu Huaishen.That plant is happy, but it is in the Fu family, and we have to say that the past is not.Sure enough, it is a fox, and I must drive this woman out of the Fu family.Lin Qianqian is pregnant, how can you be pregnant?I haven’t had the same room yet. Have you misdiagnosed it? I have been studying medicine for more than ten years. How can I get pregnant?Hello, do you do it yourself.This is the test form, how can I get pregnant?I obviously did nothing. If the Fu family knew it, I would definitely not let me go. After all, it was also a life.I want to give birth to you, but if you follow me, you may have to eat a bit bitter, and you will not accept children with unknown origin.How is it possible to get pregnant?I haven’t had the same room yet, it is a pity that it is a waste.However, it was very well matched with Lin Qianlian’s woman.A woman and a disabled are really disabled. I have to quickly find the official seal of the Fu family, so that Gu’s Group financing will not worry.This woman dares to steal people and is pregnant?I want to tell Li Yan that there is no brain, and there is a good show watching.Li Yan, what are you doing?Why protect the children in your belly like this, why are you so good?I have told my aunt that you and your children in your stomach have to roll out the Fu family.

Lin Qianqian, I know that Huai Shen hasn’t woke up yet. You marrying to rush to be wronged, but how can you do the scandal of children with other men, can you be worthy of me?Really embarrassed the Fu family.Mom is not, I didn’t do it, I’m sorry for the Gu family, I don’t know what happened.I do n’t know, why are there too many men you have ever played? Can’t find the child who is his father for a while?I advise her to check it out, do you have any dirty disease, play this way, don’t transmit my cousin anymore.I did n’t, you shut me, and the anger of my own family is that my education is not strict. Lin Qianqian dares to do such a shame. You have to scold you, but do n’t because of this.The cooperation of home companies, I can cooperate with you because of this family affairs. Now she is so sorry for the Fu family. You are embarrassed to talk to me about cooperation.

I tell you that this family is here. You quickly lead this you. You do n’t want to teach your daughter. Mom I never want to see her again.Mom, I really didn’t do anything. I really don’t know what’s going on. I don’t have a daughter -in -law like you. You waste let you marry the Fu family. You actually do such a disgusting thing.My face’s face.You do n’t need to take care of the surname in the future, and get me out of Gu’s family.Yes, dad, otherwise, let her idiot brother go out together.

It deserves to be a sister and brother. No dad, I can leave the Gu family, but my brother can’t do it. He will die when he leaves the hospital. You still have a bargain.You have broken our cooperation with the Fu family and continue to help you raise that idiot.I think Lin Qian is also a bit of color, otherwise she would send her to the nightclub. Someone would definitely like her look, and it can be regarded as a compensation for our Gu family.I pull her over now, don’t.Fu Huaishen, you wake up, help me, you wake up and tell them, I really haven’t done anything sorry for you, and give me a hand.Will women be kicked out of the Fu family next?Will the vegetative husband save her?

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