The woman was 12 months pregnant without showing signs of childbirth. The doctor was shocked after the examination. What’s going on?

The woman is 12 months pregnant, and her belly is like a ball that is about to explode, but there is no sign of delivery. The family took her to the hospital. The doctor checked and found that there was nothing in the stomach.The doctors are shocked. What is going on?

The woman’s name is Peng Ximei, born in a village in Guangdong Province, and her family is not good, but she has been very sensible since she was a child.Although life after marriage is not very rich, it is also happy.

But after getting married for more than a year, I still couldn’t conceive the child. My mother -in -law was anxious and found her a lot of native recipes. After pregnancy, Peng Ximei’s belly was bigger every day.Signs of giving birth.

It wasn’t until the 12th month of Peng Ximei’s pregnancy that the whole family took her to the hospital. The doctor checked that her belly was full of water. I checked again that she was pregnant. Her stomach was full of tumors, and she was diagnosed with ovarian cysts.

What is ovarian cyst?In simple terms, this is a common tumor for female organs, with various forms. Among them, if the long -term diet structure or the pollution of food will also lead to this phenomenon.

However, when she learned that she had tumors and needed a lot of money to treat, her husband intends to divorce her, and her mother -in -law drove her out of the house.

The woman who was kind named Peng Ximei since she was a child couldn’t bear to drag her parents, so she wandered around her big belly and even wanted to die.

Because the abdomen is so big, she is 1.6 meters tall, and she has 1.67 meters. It is a few centimeters tall than her. It is not easy to wear pants.Do it.

Until her belly became bigger and bigger, she realized that she might die, so she came to Zhanjiang City Center Hospital and wanted to donate her body before she died.Life.

At that time, when Xu Kecheng, the dean of the Fusa Hospital, who came from Guangzhou, came to the hospital, he met Peng Ximei sitting in the corridor. After understanding her situation, she immediately decided to take her back to the hospital for free treatment.

The hospital also organized an expert consultation for her. Finally, she decided to use the form of ascites in batches. At the beginning, she was 500ml a day, and the subsequent 1500ml was slowly cured.

It is said that after she raised her body, she often came to the hospital to help, and now she is no longer like before

That’s so thin, but live a good life.

Some netizens said that the disease also saved her, letting her see her husband and mother -in -law clearly away from that indifferent home. What do you think about this?

Let’s talk about something that everyone cares about.

On January 18, 2020, a young woman in Hangzhou took a bath in the hotel and accidentally fell out of a 7 -month -old baby. The woman said she did not know she was pregnant.

There was also a woman’s irregular menstruation, and her stomach was always swollen. It was not until the fetus had fallen unexpectedly. Then she knew that she was pregnant. The woman’s husband thought it was constipation.

In fact, there are a lot of people who do not know if they are pregnant, which leads to many tragedies.

So, how should we judge that we are pregnant?What changes will the body change during pregnancy?

The first, nausea

This is also called "pregnancy vomiting", and the sense of smell will become very sensitive, and the taste that I like before is now smelling but it is likely to cause vomiting.

The second, feel sleepy

If you are usually energetic, you suddenly feel very sleepy, which is likely to be caused by a large amount of lutein secretion caused by pregnancy.

The third type, frequently go to the toilet

Because the early pregnancy will increase the uterus, which will compress the bladder and often cause urination.

Fourth, menstruation stops

This is the first and most obvious phenomenon that people will discover. When a woman who can grow age, menstruation is normal, but after finishing exercise, it will extend for two weeks in the days when menstruation.It’s pregnant.

If you have the above signs, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. In addition, are there any other symptoms?Moms can also talk about their experiences in the comment area.

What do you want to say about this?What are the unique opinions?Welcome to leave a message to discuss with everyone!

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