The woman was 36 years old, thinking that one child had more happiness, and the baby became a tragedy after one year of birth

My daughter is 2 years old, and I really feel like watching her sleeping face.Just looking at her daughter, who can believe that she has such a serious illness.Since my child was born, I have never heard her call me "Mom".The picture shows Cao Fuying and her daughter Lily.

How much I love my daughter, how much I hate myself, is that I did not give my daughter a good body, so that she would suffer from illness.I did not expect that an ordinary fever would destroy all my happiness.

My name is Cao Fuying. I am 40 years old. I live in a remote small mountain village in Pu’er, Yunnan. There are three children.In 2019, I was 36 years old and I was pregnant unexpectedly.Considering that one more child can take care of each other, and repeatedly, I still decide to leave this child.Because I was a little older during pregnancy, in order to make smooth production, I went to the pregnancy test on time without landing, and carefully raised the fetus.The picture shows Cao Fuying with her daughter for rehabilitation training.

In June 2020, I finally ushered in my daughter Lily. There was an "small cotton jacket" in the family, and a lot of laughter.Who knows that I have quietly approached our original happy little home.

When my daughter was 3 months old, I found that her body was soft and weak, her hand grip was weak, her head could not stand, and she always missed it.My daughter looked very disturbed, and held my daughter in detail in the local hospital, but she failed to find out the cause.The picture shows Cao Fuying’s diagnosis certificate.

When my daughter was 1 year old, I began to have a high fever again. I took my daughter to go to many hospitals for treatment. After a examination at the Kunming Children’s Hospital, my daughter was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. I could only do long -term rehabilitation treatment to recover.After getting the diagnostic letter, I was holding my daughter to cry on the street, and my chest seemed to have a large piece of stones, so I couldn’t breathe.Looking at my daughter’s open watery eyes and staring at me blinking, my heart was broken.I made up my mind, even if there is still a hint of hope, I will never give up, I must cure my daughter.The picture shows Cao Fuying taking care of her daughter.

I took the money borrowed from my hometown and started to take my daughter in the hospital for treatment.Because her daughter is too young, treatment is very difficult.When the massage stretches, she can’t do a good job, so I can only grab her body to cooperate with the doctor.The daughter does not say, nor does she know how to express, and she only cries when she is uncomfortable.What makes me most distressed is to do acupuncture treatment. A silver needle tied into my daughter’s body. My daughter kept crying and her throat was dumb, but she couldn’t even struggle, but I could only grit my teeth with her teeth.Looking, because the pain is always better than it has always been sick.The picture shows the doctor for rehabilitation for Lily.

However, the treatment fee is very expensive. It costs hundreds of dollars a day. I persisted for less than three months, and I couldn’t pay for it to treat my daughter. I could only hold my daughter home.After returning home, I did not give up my daughter’s treatment. I started to inquire about where to treat it.Later, I learned that there is a rehabilitation hospital in Qujing with policy subsidies, and the condition of treating her daughter is also very good.I didn’t dare to delay, and borrowed a sum of money and immediately took my daughter to Qu Jing to start treatment.The picture shows Cao Fuying and her daughter.

In order to make my daughter recover better, I took a serious look at the daily treatment class. After returning home in the evening, I massaged my daughter for a few hours. In order to allow my daughter to be interested, she learned to respond.I bought a pair of plastic bracelets with bright colors and sounds. When I called my daughter’s name, I was shaking in front of her eyes. When my daughter responded, I would continue to call away.Later, I removed the process of shaking bracelets and called my daughter’s name directly.The picture shows Cao Fuying for rehabilitation for her daughter.

At the same time, in order to allow my daughter’s hands and feet to move again, in addition to recovering at the hospital every day, after returning home, I will help my daughter make some massage, grab her arms and legs to move back and forth, and slowly be in me and me and me.With the joint efforts of the doctor, the daughter can finally respond to the name, and she will look at the sound of the sound, and even the hands and feet will move again.The picture shows the mother and daughter.

The progress of my daughter has made me more determined to treat the treatment, but I have to face a reality until now. I have been taking my daughter for treatment over the years, and I have owed countless debts.Occasionally, I earn some money from zero work. There is no way to maintain my daughter’s two -month treatment fee for a year of income. We can only always borrow money. The lack in our hands has been countless.Can’t borrow.The picture shows Cao Fuying with her daughter.

The doctor said that the treatment of daughter is in a critical period, and the younger the younger treatment effect is better. If you miss this period, it will definitely affect recovery in the future.But I have desperately saved money, and I dare not spend a little money. Eating is a meal of salt on a rice ball.I never take a car when I go out. Sometimes I go to the street with my daughter to pick up the bottle for a few hours. I can save a month of living for dozens of dollars … I really don’t know what I should do to save my daughter.EssenceThe picture shows Cao Fuying crying.

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