The woman was forced to have a room by her husband during pregnancy, causing abortion. How brutal this husband is this?

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The cold -blooded husband squeezed his wife infinitely in his life. After 20 years of abuse, his wife was already angry, but the husband did not converge at all, and even let his wife live in the dog’s nest.You can only obey, but one day, the wife saw the sleeping husband on the bed and picked up the ax without hesitation.

Blood is like a fairy scattered flower, and the house is full of eighty -one knives.

Facing the police’s inquiry, his wife couldn’t bear to look back at his miserable 20 -year marriage life.

The fishing guy caught a snake skin bag while fishing, and found that there was a head in it. The police immediately arrived at the crime scene, but found that the head could not recognize who it was, so how did the police find the victim.

At the end of January 2003, the fishing enthusiast Liu came to the reservoir to start his own happy fishing life. At first he believed that he could definitely catch a big fish, but he showed off between friends.

What he didn’t expect was that this time he could show off, because he was not fishing, but almost everyone could not catch things.

As usual, as usual, he was skilled in the bait, hit the nest, and finally threw the fish line out forcefully, dumped it to the center of the river, and then smoked a cigarette to wait for the big fish to hook.

As a result, after waiting for ten minutes in a row, the fish drifted would not move. He was a little doubting whether his technology was not good, so he planned to change another place.

When he collected the fishing rod hard, he suddenly felt that there was a very heavy thing that pressed the fish line in the river. At this time, he thought that there was a turtle in the river. He was very excited.Pull the fishing rod back to the shore, but he faintly saw a white snake skin bag hook on the fish hook.

This made him feel very happy and thought that there was a fish. When he pulled the snake skin bag to the shore slowly, he seemed to smell a stench, as if it was passed from the bag.

People do n’t die if they do n’t do it. They are curious. He opened the snake skin bag scared, and what he saw made him spit out all the rice he had eaten in three days.

It was a human head in it, and due to the long time and the food of the river creatures, the face was already severely destroyed. In many places, the bones were leaked. The moment when the bag was opened, the disgusting smell came to Liu Mou’s Mou’s’s’s.Tianling cover.

Good guy, now he has become the first person to fish. It is estimated that no one dares to surpass.

Liu Mou ran to the police station to report the case, and he didn’t even have his own fishing rod.The police rushed to the scene for the first time, and I saw the people who were full of melon. Because the criminal investigation technology at that time was very backward, there was no way to distinguish the identity of the victim, but the forensic doctor was very responsible.Preliminary infer that death should not exceed 10 hours.

Because in January, the river is a period of dry water, and the water in the reservoir is almost in a state of flowing, so the first scene of the victim’s death must not be far away.

But looking around, there is only one Xujiatun Village here.Will the victims be the people in this village?

The police immediately took this question to start visiting the villagers and asked if there were no missing people who were missing. As a result, they checked for a long time without getting a valuable clue.As the police helpless, the conversation between the two villagers attracted special attention from the police.

When they were eating melon, they talked about a person, called Xu Dacheng. According to the villagers, this Xu Dacheng was famous in the village. He liked to make fun and happen.Essence

It is true that such a murder case is already a criminal case that has a high degree of affecting social atmosphere. This Xu Dacheng cannot know, but the police soon have different ideas, but this idea is a bit fearful. Is it possible that this head is Xu Da?Variety?

The police did not let go of any possibility. They immediately separated the police forces to Xu Dacheng’s house to find out. As a result, the police officers found that Xu Dacheng’s door was closed and locked from the outside.The behavior of the residential house can only find clues around Xu Dacheng’s house, and soon he was discovered.

Police officers saw that Xu Dacheng’s bedrooms were all blood stains through the corner of the window, on the wall, ground, and ceiling.Especially on the bed, there is a big beach blood, and a strong bloody smell was smelled from the window.

At this point, Xu Dacheng’s suspicion of death is almost determined, but the police handle the case with evidence. They immediately investigated Xu Dacheng’s friends. Friends said that they only drank with Xu Dacheng last night.Going home, goodbye to yin and yang later.The police don’t seem to lie to friends, so they asked Xu Dacheng if there are others in the house.

"Yes, he has a daughter -in -law."

Xu Dacheng’s bizarre death was also cut off his head. As a result, the investigation found that the suspect was actually his wife. Both of them have been married for more than 20 years. So why did the wife kill the killer?

There is a daughter -in -law, but where did his daughter -in -law run? After soliciting opinions, the police directly opened Xu Dacheng’s door and investigated Xu Dacheng’s home.

After identification, the blood on the bed and the blood in the snake skin bag are the same person, which proves that the deceased is indeed Xu Dacheng. At the same time, he also found the weapon. The blunt ax had been placed on the bedside table.

It is confirmed that the deceased’s identity is, but where is the body part of the deceased?Why only the skull was discovered by the Fa, and the police did not find the body part in Xu Dacheng’s house. Now it seems that the original committee of the case must let his wife Xing Shengqiong answer.

Tianwang was resumed. On the day of discovering the body, the police determined that Xing Shengqiong would definitely escape from the village by car, so he set up a card at the key intersection in the county seat.

In the police station, after three hours of tutoring, Xing Shengqiong finally admitted the fact that he killed his husband and explained his unfortunate life for 20 years.

When they were young, they met. At that time, Xu Dacheng was still a gentle and considerate good man. Although he was poor, Xing Shengqiong saw him and thought that he would work together.It was really a bold decision, and soon they married.

After the marriage, Xing Shengqiong fantasized about the good life of the future, but Xu Dacheng’s heart was full of abnormal thoughts. After marriage, he began to show his true side, which was good, irritable, and brutal.

No matter what Xing Shengqiong is dry, he is not satisfied, and he is beaten and scolded at all. He is too lazy to do work to make money. Not only that, he also rapes his wife every day.He was not satisfied, and he even raped his wife seventeen times a day.

This made Xing Shengqiong miserable in her life. She could only wash her face with tears every day. She wanted to resist but she was not an opponent at all. She could only return to her mother’s house.

But who knows, for her mother’s family, she is the water splashed out, and she doesn’t care about her daughter’s humiliation at all. She also told her to marry chickens with chickens and dogs.

Now Xing Shengqiong is completely desperate. She can only please Xu Dacheng everywhere, and her status at home is very humble. Later, she heard that others said that the child was a lubricant of feelings. With a child, she would not be so ruthless.

This is her last only way. Later, she was pregnant with her child. Xu Dacheng had converged a little bit during this time, but the good times didn’t last long. Xing Shengqiong found that her husband was still like.Especially after drinking, every time he beats Xing Shengqiong.

Finally, one day, the drunk Xu Dacheng ignored his wife’s struggle, and Xing Shengqiong, who had been pregnant for four or five months, did not save people, and then threw her on the bed to implement her atrocities. Xing Shengqiong did not know that her husband didWhat did she do, she only knew that her lower body seemed to have blood flowing out.

At this time, Xu Dacheng was also frightened by the blood of the beach. He stopped quickly and fled the scene. In the end, Xing Shengqiong woke up and staggered to the hospital. She thought she could keep her child, but the doctor could only do his best to do his bestKeep Xing Shengqiong’s own life.

After Xing Shengqiong had a miscarriage, she survived the difficult time by her neighbors and took care of it, but when her body recovered, Xu Dacheng returned.

After picking up a life, Xing Shengqiong was taken care of by a kind neighbor, but Xu Dacheng was afraid that he had already ran to the country. At this time, Xing Shengqiong did not dare to know his family, because the scandal at home was close to the neighbors and went back without his face.

A few months later, Xing Shengqiong’s health was almost good. As a result, Xu Dacheng returned home at this time. He pretended to be a real repentance and vowed to have a good attitude towards his wife. Although Xing Shengqiong had completely believed at him at all, after all, this homeIt was him, she could only shake her head and agreed.

Soon Xu Dacheng began to abuse his wife at home again. Because of the last abortion, this time was not as violent before, but Xing Shengqiong, who was already weak, was even more weak. She was told that she had no possibility of pregnancy. Xu Dacheng didn’t know.When I was urgent to want a child, I regarded Xing Shengqiong’s body at all.

As a result, more than ten years later, Xing Shengqiong still did not conceive, which made Xu Dacheng began to doubt whether the child was his own before. He even felt that Xing Shengqiong must have a man outside.So she started her violence again.

On January 19, 2003, Xu Dacheng and his friends drank outside and went home. At this time, Xing Shengqiong was rushed to live in the keys’ nest by Xu Dacheng, who was unmanned.Essence

When she saw Xu Dacheng, who was lying in bed and sleeping in bed, the resentment and humiliation over the past 20 years made her difficult to control her anger. When she thought that Xu Dacheng had said that she wanted to kill herself, she resentful to the ax of the firewood and facingWith Xu Dacheng’s neck, he cut it down. For a while, blood bloomed in the whole room like a flower.

Xing Shengqiong, full of blood, did not stop. She cut eighty -one knives at her husband’s body and completely dismembered it.After that, she told the police that she hid her body in the vegetable field in her house, and then found Xu Dacheng’s complete body.

On September 23, 2003, she sentenced to life imprisonment in accordance with the law, but she bluntly said that she did not regret it.

This is a typical family violence, but in the face of domestic violence, Xing Shengqiong, who has always been tolerated, has accumulated many years of resentment. Eventually, at a certain moment, she killed her husband.Get rid of this world demon, but the lack of legal knowledge has led to this tragedy.

However, Xu Dacheng’s crimes are in a difficult book. He has the most deserved end. Although he does not speak warmth in the court, the reason why Xing Shengqiong was not sentenced to death was because she was completely insulted for too long.May all Chinese families avoid family violence.

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