The woman was nearly 7 months pregnant and was beaten by her husband to the ground: Being a woman, she needs to love themselves

Wen \ Caixia Man Tian, Jiang Zuo Mei Niang

Recently, the news of "women who were violently violent by her husband for nearly seven months of pregnancy" have made a hot search, which has aroused the attention of netizens.

A woman should have been taken care of for nearly 7 months.Can’t imagine, how can you be beaten to the ground?

Looking back on the facts, the woman was from Anhui. It was for love and married to Zhoushan, Zhejiang.It is said that he is often violently violent, but always forbearance again and again.

This time, she was pregnant for 7 months, and she should be cared for, but her husband ignored it, and he couldn’t go down to the ground.

A strong man, so roughly treating pregnant women in the late pregnancy, is simply shocking!

The woman had to call her mother’s family in helplessness. Finally, fortunately her family picked her away.She said that she would induce labor, which was sad!I have been pregnant for nearly 7 months.In the end, this sin still wants a woman alone.

When the woman left, her in -laws gave her 10,000 yuan in meaning.

How much does it mean?Do you want her to give birth to her child?Is it an induction fee?unknown.

Born, is 10,000 yuan enough to support it?Is 10,000 yuan compensation for 10,000 yuan?Woman can only be fortunate that she has a good maid’s family who can pick her up from the fire and fire. Otherwise, what can she do by relying on this 10,000 yuan?

Some people say that this incident, the woman’s husband’s sin is deep, and a good girl, marry you far away, but you can’t even do the minimum kindness. It is really indignant.

But is moral condemnation useful for scum men?

Men are people or ghosts. You may not be able to see it clearly before you get married, so why do you easily get yourself into a passive situation before getting married?

I can’t help but think of a very hot video some time ago:

A woman holding a foam box and putting it in the door of a yard, which was placed in the 5 -month -old fetus.

After the man’s father opened the box, he regretted his mouth and cried while fanning his mouth.

What is going on?

It turned out that the girl had been pregnant for more than 4 months when she talked about marriage.The man watched "raw rice has been cooked with mature rice" and listed 5 pre -marital agreements on the manded land.

Among them, there is a gift to force her to pay back 95,000 yuan.

It was to be familiar. The girl found her in -laws several times, and it was not possible to obtain a marriage certificate. She had an induction of labor.Then, put the fetus into the foam box … Then she crushed the glass of the man’s house and sent the foam box to the door of the man’s house. What she wanted was to let the man’s family regret all the intestines.

If the miserable woman in the previous incident relied on her mother’s family, the women in this incident were "ruthless" by her heart.

She understood the selfishness of the family from the pre -marital agreement, and could only stop the loss in time in this fierce way.

However, no matter what kind of way, it is "remedy afterwards", not "planning ahead".

One of them harmed the innocent little life, and the other was that it was yourself.

How much harm will induction of labor be for your body?Will it have any adverse effects on your future body?Do you want to fall in love and get married in the future?

Women, how much a painful price of a woman, will understand how much trouble and harm you will bring yourself if you have no marriage before you get a certificate.

Unexpectedly, a progesterone is an adventure. It itself is not right or wrong. We are not in a moral trial. To this day, this is not ashamed.

However, the love of young people originally started to secrete hormones, and it was easy to fleeting.

Even though you two may be in love before marriage, and the sun and the moon have no light, but once it is time to talk about marriage, all kinds of practical problems will come. In addition, you may not be able to go smoothly.Enter marriage.

So if you get pregnant before you are unmarried, you will fall into a passive situation. Once you do n’t get married, where do you go?

For men, it can be said that it can be said to be completely indifferent. At most, it is condemned with a little conscience, but for girls, it will be a kind of harm and bears a certain risk.

The biggest difference between a woman and a man is the physiological disadvantage. Once you have a child, you cannot work and cannot support yourself. Even if you can choose to induce labor, you will also cause double damage to your body and spirit. For a period of time, you stillIf you need the care of others, if you do n’t have a mother’s family to rely on, and be bullied by the prospective mother -in -law, how can you survive the darkest moment of life?

In this matter, men are hateful, but when we are a woman, we must love ourselves.

Moreover, in the current China, there are still many mother -in -law who look down on unmarried girls. Just like the in -laws in the second case, their unreasonable pre -marital agreement is because they feel that they have caught the woman’s unmarried unmarried marriageIs the handle first?

Therefore, the ultimate victims are women. Whether you are full of sake, you finally enter this marriage, or you will fight against each other, and you will be parted with men. Those who are the greatest harm will always be you.

So why do we put ourselves in such a situation?The man who beats a pregnant woman does have to do it, and the lesson that our women should learn from the most: don’t be blinded by love, and always put their lives and health first.


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