The woman went to Jumpy 6 months during pregnancy. The husband was so angry that he was shameful and divorced. Wife: Go to vent

The wife was pregnant for 6 months and ran to the nightclub in the middle of the night. She almost split the child to abortion. After learning about it, the husband was so angry that he would divorce his wife.

In the photo, the lady is a modeling actor. Ms. Zeng has loved this interest since he was a child, so when he grew up, he became a flat model and actor.

Ms. Zeng had a failed marriage, because the husband’s family often abandoned her work with some men, so she was unfortunately not going.

But this time the marriage thought it could be happy, and when she was pregnant for 6 months, she went out late at night and almost jumped off the child.

When I was taken to the hospital, my lower body was still flowing. The doctor was surprised to see it. Fortunately, the child kept it under the treatment of the doctor.

Husband Liu was also angry when she learned of it. During Ms. Zeng’s hospitalization, her mother -in -law and husband were taking care of themselves. As soon as the husband spoke, she would be scolded by Ms. Zeng.

On this day, Ms. Zeng stayed in the ward herself. She brought a reporter to cry and complain about her suffering, exposing her husband to ask herself regardless of her during her pregnancy.

For the sake of this family, I do n’t understand why my mother -in -law is so cruel for this family.

As soon as the mother -in -law came in, when she heard the words of her daughter -in -law, she really came without fighting. She took care of her every day, but she said that we didn’t care about her.

The reporter found that Mr. Liu asked, but Mr. Liu’s words were just the opposite as Ms. Zeng’s words. Ms. Zeng said that her husband regardless of her, but Mr. Liu was also very puzzled that he took care of her every day.

When the reporter learned the situation, he asked the patients in the same ward. The patients had testified. Her mother -in -law and husband took care of her every day in the hospital. She was not good at getting along.It is very irritable, and sometimes we can’t stand it anymore.

Reporters can also see that Mr. Liu has resentment about his wife. When the reporter asked, Mr. Liu said angrily that I saw her return with the man more than once, and every time I brought different men home, I doubted herBack to me, but I never found evidence of her derailment.

This time, the child was almost aborted, that is, she went out with others in the middle of the night. You said that you are a pregnant woman who is not at home and wearing an exposed clothes out.

Regarding the matter of bringing a man home, Ms. Zeng also explained that I was an actor, so I brought back all male colleagues. At that time, my mother -in -law was at home, so we were simply innocent.

At this time, Ms. Zeng’s mother also came to the hospital. Ms. Zeng saw her mother crying and cried loudly, crying while blaming her mother -in -law and husband, which was not good for her.

When she heard her daughter crying like this, Ms. Zeng’s mother’s face was helpless. She could understand that her mother also knew her daughter’s character, so she did not blame her son -in -law like her daughter.

Now that the two sides are persuaded by the reporter, Mr. Liu said that he would also go to work in other places, separate from his wife to calm down, and give each other a chance for the children.

The two sides also signed an agreement under the testimony of the reporter.

I also hope that with this agreement, the couple will be happy again.


I have to admire to run out of Jumpy in the middle of the night of 6 months of pregnancy?

Can the mirror be reunited?

Even if it can be reunited, there will be cracks, and it will not be able to recover at all.

I am a woman, I ca n’t get used to her like this, I wo n’t die if I do n’t do it. You have been pregnant for six months. How can you go to Jumpy?

Now something is wrong, now you blame others.

What do you think about such a marriage?

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