The woman who wanted to engage in her career was married to a mother, and her mother -in -law thought about it every day.

Is this Chinese -style family group portrait drama "Cooked Year"?

One said that the actors’ acting skills were not to say that Cao Cuifen, Song Dandan, Wang Ou, Tang Yixin, etc., all of them were old artists with their works, and even Wang Yanlin, who played friendship, enjoyed popularity in the opposite role.

But when it comes to the content of the plot, the people who really look at them are angry.It seems that dogs are short, and they are short in the real parents. They are all pits that they will step on in marriage.

Women of different ages will face the bitterness here, and those who are urged, spawned, divorced, abandoned …

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Married women can always be suffered from the same sense, while looking at while looking at it, it is really a scripture that every family has a hard time; unmarried women meet with a little knowledge, and after seeing a family life of a chicken hair, how much about the beautiful fantasies of the wedding will be shatteredIntersection

For example, the plot of the boss’s family alone has made many daughter -in -law be angry.

Wu Erhu (played by Song Dandan), such a mother -in -law, will not think she thinks she is a good mother -in -law.

In her psychology, she has always used her daughter -in -law Liu Hongyan (played by Tang Yixin) as a "outsider", but there are many requirements for this "outsider". There are various kinds of giving birth in Mingli, a sentence "There is no worries", and a paragraph of "We will…. ", the daughter -in -law who talks about the facts is not speechless.

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What she said, she wanted to buy a house for her son. Even if her daughter -in -law was pregnant, she still pushed away. She wanted to wait for the child to sit firmly in the stomach.I couldn’t do it, and then went to see the remote location of the house. Because of the bumpy and abortion of her daughter -in -law, not only did she have the slightest sadness, but she first presented the person to raise one.

Chinese mother -in -law, obviously "outsider", always forgets her identity when facing her daughter -in -law, and she will not do less about the work of the husband’s incense.

After a woman gets married, many difficult things are embarrassed. They are given by women. In the face of such mother -in -law, all daughter -in -law who has a little thought will not get along with it.

Fortunately, the daughter -in -law in the play is not a soft bun. She is more concerned about the breakthrough in her career. In her heart, her husband and the little family are the second. When she thinks that she does not have the ability and conditions to raise a child, she is pregnant.It should not be considered.

As a result, the contradictions between mother -in -law and mother -in -law are even more irrelevant, and the husband (played by Wang Yanlin) as a buffer zone is a full -fledged mother.

Ni Jun, who is general, work, and looks like, has no ambitions.He loved Hong Yan, but he couldn’t share the pressure in the face of the pressure given by his mother; he appreciated Hong Yan’s upward, but he never wanted to work hard.

It is very comfortable to listen to my mother’s words. It is very comfortable to be a good baby. Either the old mother should take the best to take a day, or it can be solved with some ways that look effortless, but this solution often brings to other parties with other parties.Come to pain and leave a hidden danger.

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For example, he had promised himself to tell his mother that two people did not have children first, but when the matter was coming, he did not want to take responsibility, and let his wife and his mother tit.

In a relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, if the son does not carry things so, the miserable is the mother or daughter -in -law.As a mother, Ni Jun did not dare to resist his mother at all. In the face of his wife, he would only drag it for a while, and he would not consider the emotions and contradictions of both mother -in -law and mother -in -law in this state.

Most people who have experienced marriage life in such a plot know that it is not the arrangement of screenwriters, and it is just a concentration of contradictions and conflicts in real life.

Even the mother -in -law and husband of some families are even more unbearable than the plot.But is marriage really wrong?

That’s not necessarily. On the other hand, Ni Weimin (played by Zhang Guoqiang) and Wu Erhu, the old husband and wife, and the wife’s mouth complained more. The husband may go back directly, but he was a bit dependent on his wife.A person in a world, let’s close the door outside to know his wife and know the cold.

Although Wu Erhu is strong and good -looking, she is savvy and savvy, but she is also kind. She has a good opinion of her mother -in -law but she can still top it up. Her husband sent takeaway accidents.His wife’s care and love for her husband.

There are no perfect things in life, and we will not encounter a perfect person in our lives.Even so, marriage and family can also bring warmth and happiness.

Just like in the play, through running -in, adjustment, and changes, the happy life of the family is not a dream Han.

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