The word of mouth of "Feng Shen" reverses, Ur Shan, who understands history, kicks open the door of Chinese fantasy movies

Yesterday, I watched the "Fengshen" directed by Ur Shan, and finally could spit out.

I can clearly say: "This is definitely the most magnificent adaptation since" Feng Shen "."

The king in "Fengshen" is a comprehensive inheritance and transcendence of mythical novels, and restores the true image of the King of Kings for us.

To be honest, "Fengshen Bang" is not easy to shoot.Although this classical novel from the Qing Dynasty is very famous, the level of art is really hard to be praised.

Endless tools, the same character design, the endless break, and even the naked plagiarism of the poems of "Journey to the West".Its values full of fate and loyalty theory are even more difficult to say.

Therefore, "Fengshen Bang" is not easy to shoot.Other masterpieces, such as "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin" and "Journey to the West", will never be ugly as long as they are filmed.But if you fully follow the original book of "Fengshen Bang", then the guarantee is a super bad movie.Therefore, the filming of "God" must be reasonable.

However, as long as it is adapted, the probability is a big bad movie.Among them, the people of the king have not been satisfied.

In the original book, King of the King is a typical tyrant image. The image is rude, greedy for money, appointing rape, loyalty, dishonesty, and abandoning his ancestors.In the novel, the reason why the king did so many ridiculous things was entirely because of the confusion of his own self.

Among the many adaptations of the gods, the King of Kings is generally depicted as a martial arts, tyrant, and a lustful climbing.

However, in the real history, the king is not as simple as the violence.He is a beautiful and beautiful man, a strong man with a strong mountain, and a clever and clever man. It can be described as the enemy of 10,000 people.People are yearning for it.

How can such a great man be easily confused by a woman? The woman can only cater to his will at most, and it is impossible for his thoughts.

Therefore, in the adaptation of "God of God", the portrayal of Shang Ying Yinshou is the most deeply won by my heart.

In "Fengshen", the king played by Fei Xiang perfectly fits this.Although Fei Xiang is over 60 years old, his condition is still very good. His tall body, iron -casting muscles, and bright eyes seem to make the outstanding emperor 3,000 years ago appearing in front of us.

Some people may ask, since the King of Kings is so outstanding, why is the 500 -year -old Tongyeye be buried in his hands?And this will start with his sixth ancestor.

The Shang Dynasty was a dynasty that emerged due to military affairs, and it was also a dynasty that was extremely superstitious about the witch ghosts.

In the eyes of businessmen, the world is cold, full of violence, killing, plundering and unsafe, as well as their gods.The Shang Dynasty believed that ghosts and gods would settle disasters at any time and arbitrarily, so as to plague, disaster, cold and toothache, all of them were all angry ghosts and gods.

In order to obtain the grace of ghosts and gods, the Shang Dynasty has been contributing to ghosts from top to bottom, and the most common one is the "human animal".

The Shang Dynasty people are good at driving the indestructible chariot, and are good at casting sharp bronze weapons. On the battlefield, the businessmen have been invincible for 500 years, so naturally they will not lack captives.These captives are the best materials for the gods.Among them, the most salivated god is the noble "human and animal".The higher the status of "human and animal", the more you can calm down the gods.

Therefore, whenever the Shang dynasty people are sacrificed, thousands of "human and animals" will be pushed into the pit, and then they will be smashed with stones, chopped them with a knife, and boiled with water.The Shang Dynasty believed that only by the abuse and the most desperate mourning in the blood pool can people be listened to the heaven and the joy of the gods.

Therefore, when archaeologists excavate the ruins of the business, they can always find dense bones.The more you have a monarch, the more you kill.For example, Shang Gao Zongwu Ding, he has been in office for more than 50 years, and his military achievements.At the same time, the human and animals he slaughtered were the most in the past, and 9,021 people recorded in the light of the Optical Bone.

Frequent and dense sacrifice activities have led the Shang Dynasty to give birth to a powerful divine right class, which can almost resist the king of Shang.

According to the "Shangshu · Hong Fan", the Shang King determined that he must consider five aspects of opinions, Wang’s opinions, the opinions of the Qingshi, the opinions of the people, and the puppet.These five opinions reflect the divine rights, ethnic powers, and kingship respectively.

In actual operation, at least in the early early business and Chinese businessmen, divine rights are far greater than the kingship.The five aspects are consistent. Naturally, hello and me, the Shang Dynasty people are called "Datong", the most auspicious.

However, if Wang, Qing Shi, and the people are unanimously opposed, and the turtles and 筮 representing the god rights oppose it, it will not be good, and the movement is not good.Therefore, the wizard’s thoughts can often veto the decision of the king.Therefore, before Zujia, the power of Shang Wang was limited and was often constrained by a powerful wizard.Some great wizards, such as Yi Yin, Huang Father, Shi Pan, Wu Xian, Wu Xian, etc., can not only be called "old ministers" after their death, but also as "old ministers", so that they are worshiped asGod has obtained the status second only to the king.

From the perspective of "Bamboo Book Chronicles", the appointment of the elders and the great witch that assisted the Shang Wang is often the prominent clergy and aristocratic chief, and has thousands of relatives with the Shangwang family.Under the constraints of these people, the inheritance of the Shang King has become very difficult to give birth.

The inheritance of the king’s throne was initially carried out by the father, the death of the father, and the brothers and his brother and alternation.This inheritance method has brought huge trouble to the Shang Dynasty.Brother and brother and fortunately said, but the father and son were a problem.Is it inherited by the son of the brother, or is it inherited by the son of the brother?

"Historical Records" records: "Since the Zhongding, disciples have been abolished, disciples or disciples are scrambling to stand, and they are more chaotic than the ninth generation, so the princes Mo Chao."

In other words, since the Shang Wang Zhongding, the Shang Dynasty has continued the major chaos of the ninth generation, which has greatly weakened the power of the country.And all this changed with the succession of Shang Gaozong Wuding.

Wuding has been in the reign for more than 50 years. He has inspired the governance and expanded the territory, and has doubled the country’s territory.

Wu Ding’s strong martial arts made a large amount of wealth and slaves flow into the Wang family, which greatly surpassed the power of the Shang King than the wizard and Qing Xiang.

Therefore, Wuding began to implement the "Selection Festival" system, and established the difference between direct and side systems based on the principle of "having children as kings".The first king of Youzi as the king is a direct system, breaking the general concept of the same treatment of the ancestors, the father, and the brothers.As a result, the traditional principles of "father and death, brother and brother, and brother and brother," have begun to be replaced by the inheritance system of the eldest son of the "father and death".

Secondly, during the Wuding period, Shang King began to directly participate in the divination that originally belonged to the wizard, breaking the monopoly of religious affairs of the divine rights.And this greatly weaken the power of divine power.

The divine power and the monarch began to be two, and Shang Wang also began to transition from the limited monarch to the infinite monarch.In the period of Wuding’s son, Zu Jia, the inheritance system of the eldest son of the father and death was completely established.At the same time, Zu Jia also abolished the aristocratic publicity system, completely annihilation the last residue of the Emperor State system, and greatly strengthened the royal power.

With absolute power, the king of Shang began to seek the boundaries of power, and began to become more and more arrogant.In the movie, the king Yinshou burned his ancestor’s ancestral hall.

However, in history, his great -grandfather Wu Yi is actually more exaggerated and more alternative.He is fierce and strong, does not comply with the traditional religious principles of the Shang and North Korea, and even disrespect the "god" most of the Shang Dynasty.Wu Yi once made a puppet with the word "God", and then Wu Yi personally stepped forward to overturn the doll, which means that the king knocked down God.

Not only that, Wu Yi also made people full of blood in the leather bag and hung on a high place.However, he raised his bow and set up an arrow, shot the bag, and the blood dripped down, symbolizing that the god of heaven was shot.In the era of strong wizards, 10,000 courage to Shang Wang did not dare to do so.

By the time of the father of the king, his title had become "Emperor Yi".It is worth noting that at this time, the Shang king was already the emperor, and he was so arrogant to the extent that he was unsatisfactory with the three emperors and even the emperor of the ancients of the ancients.The actual title of his son, the actual king, is actually Dixin.

After the Wuding, the power of the Shang Dynasty and the power of the ethnic power gradually declined, the king’s rights became more arrogant, and the king of Shang gradually moved to the monopoly.In fact, from Emperor Yi, Yin Shang has inevitably failed to decline.At this moment, King Shang Yang succeeded.

The so -called King of Kings was just an ugly name for Zhou Ren.The surname of the royal family of the Shang Dynasty, the name of the king named Zi Sheng.The film will be called "Yin Shou" in the film.

The king of Kings is the young son of Emperor Yi. He has a very virtuous brother -Wei Ziqi, that is, he was attached to the fox demon in the movie, and eventually assassinated Yin Qi.Different from the movie, Wei Ziqi did not have the king, nor was it killed by Ji Fa, and naturally it was even more impossible to be possessed by the fox demon.

The king and Weizi Kamoto were born with the same mother, but when Weizi Qiqi was born, her mother was still the room, so she could only be used as a sister -in -law.When the king was born, his mother had become the queen, so the young king was a sister -in -law.Compared with the description in the film, King King actually has an indisputable inheritance right.

From the perspective of appearance and talent, the King of Kings is also impeccable."Xunzi · Fei Xiang" once described the appearance of King King and martial arts: "The giant is beautiful, the world is also the same;

In "Historical Records", Sima Qian also praised the literary talent of the King of King: "Wisdom is enough to refuse, and it is enough to decorate."

In the movie, the three troops played by the king and Wu Yi played by Fei Xiang, and at the same time, they were good at arguing and performing good at performance.

It is said that such excellent talents should be able to pull the Shang Dynasty out of the declining quagmire.However, he was paradoxical that his excellent sounded beaming the Shang Dynasty.

What is it?The excellent talent allows the king to be proud of thousands of people, and will not take anyone in their eyes, nor will they take the initiative to unite anyone.The king believes that all government affairs, military affairs, and sacrifices can be arranged by themselves. Why do they have to decentralize to others?Therefore, the king thinks that she does not need an allies, only the slave is needed.

The Confucius believed that the Shang Dynasty had "three kernels", which were microons, sister -in -law, and Bigan.Mizi is a brother, and the sister -in -law and Bigan are uncle.Before Zu Jia, they had the right to inherit, and no matter how good they were, there was the right to discuss politics.For the King of Kings, they are the most restricted and the most jealous of the King of Kings.The more "Three Ren" shows the appearance of "Rende", the more scared the king, the more fierce the persecution.

In order to exclude these dissidents, the King of Kings promoted the "villain" on the one hand, that is, Fei Zhong, Feilian, and evil who were born in foreign people and even slaves.These so -called "villains" are also generally considered to be adulterers.

On the other hand, King King also treats the Shang Dynasty aristocracy who oppose himself in the most cruel way.So he will be used to deal with the "human and livestock" to add to the nobles of the Shang Dynasty.

For example, the "Bigan Digging" we know is actually a very common sacrifice method for businessmen.Later, the King of Kings took out the fetus in the abdomen of the pregnant wife, but it was not uncommon in the blood sacrifice of the Shang Dynasty.

What is interesting is that Bigan is not only the blood king of the king, but also the great priest of the Shang Dynasty. The ethnic rights and divine rights are together.It would be difficult for the king to want to kill him.

In the H10 sacrifice pit in Hougang, Yinxu, dozens of noble corpses were found, and there were a large amount of charcoal ash and bones in the filling soil.It can be seen that in the eyes of the King of King, the Shang Dynasty nobles who did it with themselves had no exemption, and their status could be directly reduced to "human and animals".

In all fairness, the king of the king is not understandable to kill political opponents in order to consolidate the central government.However, the mistake of the king was overwhelming, causing the internal division of the Shang Dynasty, making the new and old nobles centrifugal.In the society, "the small people are happy, each other is the enemy," and the situation of "like a boil, and the size is nearly mourned".It also created opportunities for Xizhi’s Xiaobang -Zhou Guo.

In Yinxu Oracle, the Shang Dynasty often referred to himself as "Dayi Shang", while the Zhou people took their own "small state Zhou".During the Wu Yi period, the tyrannical tyrant, the humble Xilin small family was served for his own vassal.The monarch of this Xiaobang is the famous sage -the descendants of Houyi -Ji family.

From the perspective of the source of the ethnic group, Zhou people are actually agricultural dumplings.Under the influence of business culture, Zhou people and their relatives quickly separated, increasingly civilized.For the Shang Dynasty, the Zhou people’s sense of recognition was very high at first, and the relationship between the two ethnic groups of the Shang and Zhou dynasties was very close.

Among all historical books, King Zhou Wen is a loyal minister of King Shang Yang. Even if there are two in the world in the world, he is unwilling to replace the King of Kings."Lu’s Spring and Autumn · Division" mentioned:

"Wen Wang said: Although the father has no way, the son dares to do nothing? Although the monarch is not good, the court dares to do nothing?"

According to Zhou Yuan Oracle, King Zhou Wen established the ancestor of the businessman on his land, and sacrificed the nationalization of the ancestors as a ancestral god as a national affiliated local regime.At the same time, Wang Wen Wang also led the princes to the Shang Dynasty as a local member of the Shang Dynasty.

Later, King Zhou Wen also personally used the officials of the Shang Dynasty to go to Chaoge as an official, and it was seven years.However, King Zhou Wen seemed to be involved in the internal conflict of the Shang Dynasty nobles and was imprisoned by the King of King for 3 years.

During the period, his son Boyi Kao had brought a beautiful jewelry to try to redeem his father. As a result, he was killed by the king of the king in public, and even made a meat ravioli for Zhou Wenwang.Judging from the habits of the Shang Dynasty, they do eat a small amount of human flesh after the sacrifice.Obviously, the Boyi Kao, like other Shang Dynasty nobles, became the poor worm like "human and animals".

So why did the King of Kings finally let go of Zhou Wenwen?According to the "Shanghai Museum of Chu Jian", when King Zhou Wen was imprisoned, there was a rebellion in the Western Nine State.King Zhou Wen was originally the Sibo of the Shang Dynasty, and was responsible for the states of the West.Now that Sibber is not there, the West is naturally chaotic.

At this time, the King of Kings was facing Dongyi for soldiers and had no time to take care of the west.In desperation, King Wang had to let go of Zhou Wen and let him go to the West to rebel.It can be said that if there is no rebellion in the West, King Zhou Wen may inevitably be chopped into meat sauce, becoming a tribute to the king of the king.

The violence of the King of King not only offended the Shang Dynasty nobles, but also offended the attachment of the Shang Dynasty.The distinguished identity is to threaten the burden of their lives.

During Chaoge’s official, King Zhou Wen met the upper levels of Weizi Qi and Xunzi, and may have established extremely good relationships.Therefore, after the king of Kings killed Bigan, Wei Zi, Xunzi and others began to contact King Zhou Wen to pave the way for himself.

Coincidentally, the Zhou people reused the old people in the employment system, just like the cloud of "Da Yan": "Er Wei, Eryi Keyuan Province".

So the Shang Dynasty nobles began to flee a large number of Xiqi, such as Taishi, Young Master, and Di Jia, including the silly micro -prickly, all carried the map of the Shang Dynasty and the classics to Her Majesty.

The original intention of these Shang Dynasty aristocrats is not subverting the Shang Dynasty, but hoping that "the debit teacher helps" and uses the Zhou people to help him get the king’s step down and finally achieve the purpose of restoring the old system.However, they never expected that Zhou people wanted to do it.

Shortly after Zhou Wu’s succession, he immediately launched the famous Wu King.At that time, the main force of the Shang Dynasty was fighting in Dongyi, and he did not expect that Zhou people would kill Chaoge.

Although the businessman’s main expedition, the thin camel is larger than the horse, and King Shang Yang still has strong power in his hands.If you hit hard, the hope of King Zhou Wu’s victory is actually very slim.In "Historical Records", the King of Kings mobilized 700,000 troops.

However, when the Makino War was about to be carried out, the Shang Army suddenly appeared.It would be difficult to achieve without pre -planning in advance.Obviously, the Shang Dynasty nobles headed by Weizi had long been in the army.

After the defeat of the King of Kings, it was said that he could retreat to other places and reappear Dongshan, and then he finally chose to set up self -immolation.This may be because the King of Kings realized his rebels and had no chance to retreat.After losing the basic disk, even if the king is more capable, it is just a piece of white paper.As Xunzi said:

"Covering the people is not Zhou, because of the Yin people."

After the death of the king, King Zhou Wu helped the son of King Wu Geng as the master of the businessman, and on the other hand, he declared the princes and declared that he was the master of destiny.This is beyond the expectations of the old nobles of the businessman, but the situation changes, and the micro -child and others can no longer stop it.

After that, Weizi was sealed in the Song Dynasty, and Xunzi was sealed to North Korea.Soon after the sister -in -law returned to the country to see the King of Zhou, Lu Jing has become the Yin Shang Palace of the ruins, and he can’t help but yell at the King of Kings:

"Mai Xiu is gradually gone, he is oily. He is a child, not with me."

Cheng Tang’s world died overnight.How can the sister -in -law who finally became the descendant of Tang Zisun not suffered?

In the end of the Shang Dynasty, in order to strengthen his own king’s rights, the remains of Fen VI had a more radical reform, which harmed the interests of the Shang Dynasty. At the same time, it also allowed Zhou Guo and other states that the State State of the Shang Dynasty.In the end, the old nobles and the princes were united, subverting the King of Kings, and also buried a 500 -year -old businessman.

It is worth mentioning that the persecution of the king of the Shang and Zhou dynasties seemed to make these high aristocratic people start to feel the same.The large -scale people’s sacrifice activities stopped abruptly in the Western Zhou Dynasty.Especially after Zhou Gong’s restructuring, people’s empathy is placed in a very high position, which is an important indicator of different people and beasts.Although there are still many people’s sacrifices in the Western Zhou Dynasty, the scale has been greatly reduced, and public opinion has also severely condemned such unmanned behaviors.

As the descendants of the Shang Dynasty, Confucius severely criticized the funeral behavior- "the initials, there is nothing to do."In Confucius, it is great sin to use dolls, let alone a living person?Therefore, since the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the burial of living people has become one of the largest political incorrect politics in China.

In short, in the eyes of the author, the movie "Feng Shen" is not only adapted to the status of the myth, but the historical skills of the screenwriter cannot be ignored.The king is a monarchy, how can he be confused by a woman like a novel?His behavior comes from his will.

However, this superman will have led to the ambition of centrifugal and nobles of the Shang Dynasty.And this is how the Shang and Zhou Dynasties came.

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