The young rich woman begged for her child, so that they can get 2 million!Someone was deceived 150,000 times twice

The young rich woman "pays attention to the child", if it can make them successful, it will compensate 2 million yuan … Will you believe this "outdated" old man?

Three years ago, Wang, who lived in Yanshi, Luoyang, believed in the matter. As a result, the compensation did not get it, and the more than 100,000 yuan that he worked hard was also deceived.

The rich woman begged for her son, and the man in Luoyang was deceived continuously after trusting

On April 22, 2015, Wang, a resident of Yanshi City, received a strange phone call. The other party claimed to be a 25 -year -old woman in Hong Kong. Her husband lost her fertility. The in -laws urgently needed their descendants to inherit family property.Compensation 2 million yuan.

After listening, Wang was so excited that he was willing to help each other to get pregnant.The woman claimed that the "heavy money begging for the son" had to sign an agreement and need a lawyer to notify it, so that Wang would remit a notarized fee of 1,000 yuan first.Subsequently, Wang remitted 1,000 yuan to the woman.

The next day, the woman claimed that she had taken the opportunity to arrive at a hotel in Yanshi and asked Wang to meet the hotel to meet with him.

After Wang arrived at the entrance of the hotel, the woman called and needed her in -laws to allow Wang to remit 30,000 yuan in sincerity.Wang saw it, and remitted 30,000 yuan to the woman without thinking.Later, the woman agreed with her husband and added compensation to 2.5 million yuan, and continued to deceive Wang to continue to remit money.After remitting the money, the woman did not meet Wang for various reasons.

On July 12 of the same year, Wang was also a rich woman who claimed to be in Taiwan. She used a similar telephone to deceive his money. Wang was deceived by more than 150,000 yuan twice.

After Wang was deceived, the police killed the "heavy money for the sons" scam gang led by Mao (another case).The fraud gang divided into a clear division of labor. Among them, the defendant, Wu Mou, transferred some accounts to his two bank cards under Mao Mou, and gave it to Mao by the bank ATM machine.

Knowing that it is the stolen money obtained from fraud, it still helps to withdraw and transfer, and it has constituted a crime.

After hearing, the Luoyang Municipal People’s Court of Henan Province believed that the defendant Wu knew that he was a stolen money from the scam, and he still helped with cash and transfer it with others. His behavior has constituted covering up and concealed criminal convictions.Wu had a good attitude after arriving at the case, could truthfully confess the facts of the crime, and actively make up for the victim’s loss.

In accordance with Article 312 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, Article 312, Article 15, Paragraph 1, Article 67, Paragraph 3, and "Supreme People’s Court on the hearing, concealing the income of crime, crime crime, crime, crimeThe explanation of the income income of criminal cases of criminal cases "Article 1 (1) of Article 1 (1) of Article 1 (1) of the income income shall be sentenced to eight months in prison for concealing and concealing the crime of crime, and a fine of 10,000 yuan.

The judge said that in this case, the victim Wang believed in the lies of "heavy money" and remitted the scammers twice under the control of greed, which eventually led to deception.The defendant Wu knew that he was a fraudulent money, and he still helped with cash and transferred the help. Although he did not directly possess the stolen money and regret his behavior, his behavior still constitutes a crime and should be punished by law.

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