There are 4 main harm to abortion to pregnant women, and it is less than a last resort. Don’t try it.

Now there are many Dink tribe who do not want children, because they feel that their children are burdensome, as long as the husband and wife can be two, so when they have children, they will want to kill the children, but in fact the harm of the child be killedThere are many. If the hospital where you go is not good, or the doctor’s technology is not closed, it may also greatly affect your uterus, which will lead?

First, damage the uterus

The harm of miscarriage is very large, because abortion is equivalent to killing children inside their uterus. Although there are many ways to do abortion now, they will seriously damage the uterus.Women’s uterus is very important, because when menstruation and children in the future, the endometrium of the uterine will become very thin after abortion. Some people are born thinner than others.In the future, I can’t conceive.

Second, cause inflammation

If the germs enter the pelvic cavity during surgery, it is easy to cause endometrium inflammation. It is difficult to get better in endometrial inflammation, and the bacteria in the body after endometritis will reach the pelvic cavity, which will also cause pelvic inflammatory disease.If pelvic inflammatory disease is severe, it can also cause fallopian tube inflammation. These diseases are very dangerous, especially pelvic inflammatory disease, severe blockage, and will cause infertility.

Third, affect physical and mental health

Although many hospital flow surgery is under the title of painless abortion now, in fact, the flow of abortion is also very painful. Whether it is drug induction and labor or surgical induction, it will have a great impact on the body. Although it may be different at the time, it is also very very later very very very very very different.Pain, this pain is not just physical pain, but also hurts the heart.Some women will change a lot about the view of love or some surrounding feelings after a miscarriage surgery. Many times I don’t dare to believe in themselves.For false, there will be some psychological problems on those who are serious.

Fourth, habitual abortion

Abortion surgery has a great damage to the body. When an abortion surgery is performed, there will be a metal thing repeatedly scraping inside the uterus, which will cause the inner wall of the uterus to become very thin.Some women often perform abortion surgery and cause habitual abortion, so that even if they are pregnant in the future, children and children will easily flow off.Therefore, it is recommended that mothers try not to perform abortion surgery.If you have a child, you can be born directly. Although it may be difficult to accept at the time, as the child’s age increases, he will feel a sense of pride and happiness.

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