There are brown secretions in six weeks of pregnancy. What’s going on?Maybe these 3 signals

Generally speaking, after women are pregnant, the level of hormone in the body changes, and symptoms such as menstruation and vaginal hemorrhage will not occur.However, the symptoms of each woman are different in the early pregnancy, and some women may also have brown secretions at six weeks of pregnancy.And this may be a physiological symptom, or it may be a symptom of aura abortion, so it should be paid attention.So, specifically, brown secretions in six weeks of pregnancy, what’s the matter?

1. Scriptures

The stimulus is a special type of menstruation, which mainly appears in the first month and the second month of pregnancy.Its manifestation is that there is still a small amount of brown discharge after pregnancy, which can disappear in about two days, and generally does not accompany other symptoms.

The reason why women’s six weeks of pregnancy have these symptoms, which is mainly related to hormone level changes that stimulate a small part of the uterine endometrium.This is a physiological phenomenon, so there is no need to worry about it. It can stop when the fetus grows.However, after this happens, pay attention to the differential diagnosis with other factors.

2. Breakal abortion

At the time of six weeks of pregnancy, it belongs to the early stages of pregnancy, and the first three months of pregnancy is a high incidence of threatened abortion. Therefore, when brown discharge occurs, the problem of pioneering abortion should be alert.When the symptoms of aura abortion occur, not only the symptoms of streaming brown discharge will occur, but also symptoms such as lower abdomen swelling and backache.If it is not treated or treated in time, the amount of bleeding may also be more and more, and the color of the blood can become bright red.

The reason why a pioneering abortion occurs is mainly related to factors such as insufficient progesterone secreted by women and abnormal growth and development of progesterone. When these symptoms occur, they should rush to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, including endocrine level examination and B -ultrasound examination.EssenceAfter doing these inspections, you can basically determine the reason, and you can perform targeted treatment or treatment.

It is generally believed that when the symptoms of primary abortion due to insufficient secretion of progesterone can be used for tire preservation treatment.However, due to abnormal growth and development of pregnancy sacs, do not blindly protect the fetus when the symptoms of aura abortion.Regardless of the symptoms of threatened abortion caused by any cause, we must take bed rest. Do not perform any violent activities, let alone overwhelm it or the same room.

3. Ectopic pregnancy

If ectopic pregnancy occurs, it may also cause symptoms of brown discharge at six weeks of pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy refers to the roots of the gestational sac on the fallopian tube and other parts.This is a very dangerous situation. Not only does it cause symptoms such as flowing brown discharge, but also the symptoms of small abdominal pain will become more and more serious.In particular, some women have not treated early. After the increase in the gestational sac, the fallopian tube can be ruptured and causing major bleeding.

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