There are generally five signs of endometrial problems.

If you want the crops to have a good harvest, seeds, soil, sunlight, and moisture are indispensable.Take the pregnant child as an example. In our uterus, if the embryo is "seeds", then the endometrium is "soil". If you want to make the seeds well planted in the soil, and can be harvested smoothly."Soil" is also one of the key.Some people are always unable to conceive, or there may be problems with the soil.

Today, let’s talk about one of the more common symptoms of endometrium -uterine endometritis.

What are the manifestations of endometritis

Endometritis is a relatively common uterine disease. There are many clinical manifestations of endometritis, but there are no specific manifestations.What are the performance.

1. Abnormal secretions appear

If women suddenly find their secretions, that is, leucorrhea suddenly increases, and the state of leucorrhea is not transparent.The state of the leucorrhea becomes pale yellow and has a silk blood, and is also accompanied by odor and itching.

2. Pain pain in the pelvic area

Some patients with endometritis patients will feel the pain of falling in the lower abdomen during menstruation, and it is also accompanied by sore lumbosacral parts.

3. Irregular menstruation

We all know that the periodic falling and bleeding of the endometrium is menstruation.If women suffer from endometritis, it will also affect menstruation, which will cause menstruation to disturb. If women find that menstruation becomes abnormal, menstrual blood will become more, and the menstrual period will be extended.Be vigilant.

4. There is a relatively obvious dysmenorrhea

Women with endometritis will occur in more obvious dysmenorrhea during menstruation, and if endometritis is not treated in a timely manner, the menstrual dysmenorrhea will increase.

5. I feel pain when I act

Generally, women with endometritis will feel pain when acting. This is because the meeting will stimulate the affected area, and women will feel pain. If this continues, female friends will be vigilant and timely.Go to the hospital for examination.

Will endometritis affect fertility?

Many women will worry whether endometritis will cause infertility. In fact, mild endometritis will not affect it, but if you suffer from endometritisIt will affect women’s fertility. This is because endometritis will affect the thickness of the endometrium. Excessive or too thin uterine endometrium is not conducive to fertilized eggs.Fertilized eggs are not easy to bed or are unstable in bed, resulting in fertility disorders such as difficulty in having pregnancy or susceptibility to abortion after pregnancy.

Finally, remind you of female friends that if you find these symptoms in your body, do not guess them. You must go to the hospital for checking clearly.

In addition to protecting the endometrium of the endometrium and wanting to succeed in pregnancy, female friends need to do: exercise their bodies, maintain good living habits, and improve their body’s immunity.

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