There are many precautions for "bathing" during pregnancy. Pay attention to these 5 points, not just pay attention to water temperature

After pregnancy, due to many special physiological changes in the body, such as sweat glands and sebaceous glands, it is easy to sweat, and the oily secretion of sweat and head increases. ThereforeClean hygiene.And pregnant mothers are inconvenient, it is best to take care of the prospective father from the side.

1. Keep your skin cleaning in a diligent bath

After women are pregnant, many special physiological changes have occurred in the body, such as sweat glands and sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, which is easy to sweat, and the oily secretion of sweat and head increases.It can affect the excretion function of the pores, which can easily cause infection and itching or other skin diseases.Pregnant women need to take a bath more than ordinary people to keep the skin clean, prevent skin infection and urinary tract infection.

2. Water temperature: It is advisable to use 27 ℃ ~ 37 ℃

When pregnant women take a bath, the water temperature is close to the body temperature. Generally speaking, the water temperature should be below 38 ° C.Because if the water temperature or room temperature is too high, the fetal development is likely to cause the fetus due to hypoxia.Even in winter, it cannot be washed hot and hot water for a long time, otherwise it will easily lead to hypoxia and suffocation, and even cause hypoxia in the fetus.

3. Time

It is better in 15-20 minutes. In addition, pregnant women should not take a bath for too long.Pregnant women are prone to symptoms such as dizziness, dazzling, fatigue, chest tightness, etc. This is due to the gradually reduced air in the bathroom, high temperature, and relatively insufficient oxygen supply. In addition, the stimulation of hot water will cause the capillaries of the whole body surface to expand the capillary of the body surface, Insufficient blood supply to pregnant women.At the same time, the fetus will also have hypoxia and the fetal heart rate. In severe cases, the development of the fetal nervous system will be adversely affected.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women take a bath for about 10 to 20 minutes.

4. Number of times: preferably once a day

Although it is said that pregnant women should take a bath often, they do not say that they have to take a few times a day.The frequency of bathing should be determined according to personal habits and seasons. Generally speaking, at least three or four days. If possible, it is best to wash it once a day in hot summer.If you ca n’t take a bath every day in the cold winter, you must insist on wipe your body and wash your vulva.

5. Showering is appropriate

When women are pregnant, especially in the late pregnancy, the placental velvet produces a large amount of estrogen and progesterone, and the amount of progesterone is greater than estrogen.Therefore, at this stage, the fall of vaginal epithelial cells is greater than hyperplasia, which will reduce the amount of lactic acid in the vagina, thereby reducing the lethality of foreign germs.If you take a bath, the dirty water after bath may enter the vagina, and the weakening of the disease prevention of the vagina can easily cause cervicitis, and even a premature birth in the palace or vulva infection.Therefore, pregnant women should not take a bath, let alone take a bath in a public bath. It is advisable to take a shower.

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