There are many taboos during pregnancy. These 5 kinds of things cannot be touched. Bao Ma must remember it in her heart.

I believe you must have heard these taboos during pregnancy:

Do not put the toolbox to the room during pregnancy, otherwise it is easy to have a miscarriage;

Can’t tell anyone in less than three months;

Can’t eat crabs, mutton, beef, duck …

There is no scientific basis for these, and it has been falsified by science.But during pregnancy is not a taboo, many things can not be done.Today we will list it and wake up the majority of pregnant mothers.

1 Can’t drink and smoke

The alcohol will indeed pass through the placenta, causing fetal alcohol syndrome.There are various abnormalities, including physiological development, intellectual defects, behavior problems, epilepsy, slow growth, slow development, etc.

Drinking during pregnancy can not happen 100 %, but the risk is higher.Let’s say that this is actually a quantitative issue.But we don’t know the safety of drinking during pregnancy.Because people are different from people.Therefore, we are still not good at drinking.

Smoking and drug use.Why do you put it together, because scientists now listed Nicotine as a drug.Don’t say that you smoke, it is not exposed to the environment of second -hand smoke.Try to stay in a completely smoke -free environment.

2 drugs

The medicine cannot be eaten randomly.Many pregnant women cannot take it.Especially antibiotics, do not eat even some Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.

Because the ingredients of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine are harmless to pregnant women, there is no unified answer.So don’t try.

3 diet

Don’t eat raw food.Cool foods can stimulate the uterus and cause uterine contraction.In addition, raw food has bacteria.It is easy to cause bacterial infections.

Therefore, food should be cooked as much as possible.Such as eggs, meat.

In addition, pay special attention, do not drink fresh milk provided by the aunt who holds sheep on the street.These fresh milk is not safe at all without sterilization.

Fish are pretty good, but some fish contain high mercury and cannot be eaten: long fin tuna, flagfish, catfish, etc.

You can drink coffee, but not too much, up to two cups of coffee per day.

4 Do not steam sauna and take a hot bath

Excessive body temperature increases the danger of fetal congenital abnormalities.Therefore, pregnant women should not be too hot.

In the summer, you should turn on the air conditioner in time. Do not take the sun for too long, and exercise should not be too intense.Like weightlifting, climbing, skateboarding, boxing, rolling, etc.

5 pets

Pets are safe for dogs that have been vaccinated.But do not let pregnant women take care of them.

If there are cats and other pets at home.Such as guinea pigs, lizards and the like.It is best to foster after pregnancy. If you can’t foster, don’t contact these pets for pregnant women.

There are many bacteria on these pets, which have low resistance during pregnancy and can cause risks.

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