There are some signs of the body that shows pregnancy, don’t be stupid, don’t know

Women who are pregnant during pregnancy are always very embarrassed. The most anticipated is the successful pregnancy. I am very embarrassed every day. I really want to know if I have a baby.In fact, whether you are pregnant with your baby, you can also observe your physical response in addition to testing the pregnancy inspection stick.

Because when women are pregnant, they will also reflect some unusual reactions.These reactions are precisely the signs of pregnancy.So today, let’s take a look together. In the early days of pregnancy, what are the signs of pregnant mothers and how can we judge whether we are pregnant through these symptoms.

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Example delay

This should be the most obvious phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy, because the most direct situation after pregnancy is to discontinue menstruation.So when you reach the menstrual period, but menstruation does not come on time, then it is likely to be pregnant.And when your menstruation is delayed for more than a week, then you can basically be determined to be pregnant.

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In the early stages of pregnancy, some mothers will feel breast tenderness, because when women are pregnant, the progesterone in the body will rise and prepare sufficient preparations for breastfeeding. At this time, breast pain will occur, and the nipples will become more sensitiveThe color of the areola will also become darker.

– ❸ –

Frequent urine

As the time of pregnancy slowly becomes longer, the uterus will gradually grow. At this time, we will compress our bladder, causing our urination to become more.Therefore, in the early stages of pregnancy, many mothers will find that they have frequent urination, so frequent urination is also a sign of early pregnancy.

– ❹ –

Body temperature rise

When women are pregnant, body temperature will be higher than usual, because pregnancy reactions will cause changes in all aspects of our body, including nerve changes, so when your body temperature rises for more than three weeks, it is likely that it is very likely to bepregnant.

These signs are early pregnancy reactions that will occur in the early stages of pregnancy. If you have some signs on your body, it is likely to be pregnant.

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