There are three signals in the early days of lung cancer, and people who smoke for a long time must be vigilant!

Among all malignant tumors, the incidence of lung cancer is very high, and its occurrence is directly related to long -term excess smoking. Generally, lung cancer will generally not have too obvious symptoms at the beginning.Essence

Most people only know that the mortality of lung cancer is very high, but they do not have a special understanding of the knowledge such as symptoms and prevention.Let’s take a look at everyone!

For tobacco often smoked smoke, it contains more than 3,000 kinds of chemical cancer actives, such as benzene and nitrosamine, etc., are generally very high.The role of injury, activating cancer genes, causing cell lesions and developing cancer.As an old smoker, we must pay attention to the dangers of smoking.If there are no relevant symptoms, you must continue to be vigilant.

1: The skin has a lump

If you have been smoking for a long time, and there is a history of lung cancer in the family, you need to pay more attention. If you find that the skin has a lump for a long time, you can go to the hospital for examination.Lymph nodes and skin,

2: Cough or even coughing blood

If the old smokers have been coughing well, they are even accompanied by the symptoms of cough cough. They do not use medicine, and even accompanied by the occurrence of hematopoietic phenomenon.

3: Specific or pain in breathing

If the smokers also have a shortage of breath, long -term fatigue, or pain when they have deep breath, do not delay, and go to the hospital to check in time to help students help themselves.

Although lung cancer is not a kind of terminal, its mortality is indeed very high, and as a smoker, it is necessary to raise awareness of prevention.

First: Quit smoking in time

Quit smoking is a very effective way to reduce the incidence of lung cancer. Only by cutting the source, then our physical function development can slowly recover.

Second: regular low -dose chest CT examination

On the basis of quitting smoking, regular low -dose chest CT examination can better prevent lung cancer.Compared with X -ray, low -dose lung CT is more suitable for the early screening of lung cancer and the tracking of lung nodules. It is of great significance to improving the early screening rate of lung cancer. Early diagnosis has a good help to treat the treatment of high -incidence.

Long -term smoking will not only increase the incidence of lung cancer, but also bring greater hidden safety hazards to people around them.For the health of yourself and his family, quitting smoking is the best choice.We usually pay attention to the maintenance of the lungs.

1. Persist in exercise

Smokers can often exercise to help us strengthen our body’s immunity and make our body better.Aerobic exercise is also helpful to prevent inflammation of the lungs. The best time is about 8 o’clock in the morning per day.The aerobic activity at this time is very good for the maintenance of lung vitality.

2. Drink more tea

Those who smoke more, the endometrium is thickened.Tea contains a special material catechin.The blood vessels can help eliminate cholesterol accumulated in blood vessels, let the blood vessels circulate smoothly, thereby promoting our gastrointestinal motility.Reduce the occurrence of constipation of patients, smokers often drink tea, and also have a detoxification effect on the body.Tea itself is also a diuretic, so harmful substances can be excreted after drinking tea.

Those who often smoke, they must step by step to quit smoking.In addition to insisting on exercise to enhance immunity, we must also pay more attention to diet health to protect the lungs.You can drink more tea in daily life. You usually eat more lung foods, such as Sydney, Lozen, Almonds, walnuts, etc., which is very helpful for the maintenance of the lungs.

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