There are two cases of "bumps" in the navel of pregnant mothers. There are three reasons, which has nothing to do with the sex of the baby

With the growth and development of the fetus during pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother has gradually changed. For example, the early pregnancy reaction and the change of the strange taste, the taste of the diet even changed 180 degrees with the emotion.Of course, the most obvious change is the pregnant belly of pregnant mothers. For pregnant mothers, the pregnant mother is the most obvious and most important feature during pregnancy. Some people also say that the pregnant mother’s pregnant belly is the most important medal during pregnancy. The fetusThe pregnant mothers grow and develop in the stomach of the pregnant mother, so the changes in pregnancy during pregnancy are also the most concerned place for parents.

Speaking of the pregnant belly, there is also a particularly meaningful rumor. The older generation always says that if the navel of the pregnant woman is bulging, the belly may be pregnant, and if the navel is recessed, the pregnant will be pregnant, and the one will be pregnant.It is very likely that girls are judged by the bumps of the navel to judge the baby of the baby in the belly or girl, and the older generation believes that this statement believes that it is true.

A few days ago I chatted with relatives at home. The aunt said, "Ling Ling’s belly is very drum, and the baby in the belly has a baby baby in ten or nine." The second aunt also said, "Quasable, yes, Ling Ling’sThe belly button is the same as I was in Huai Xiaotao. This child is a boy. "Ling Ling is the cousin of his mother. It is not more than 7-8 months of pregnancy. The belly button after pregnancy has always been protruding, so the family at homeThe elders said that Ling Ling was a boy.In fact, the unevenness of the pregnant woman’s navel has nothing to do with the sex of the baby, mainly because of these three reasons.

1. The relaxation of the belly of pregnant women

The relaxation of everyone’s belly is different. Some people’s belly is relatively loose. It can do various stretch movements. Some people’s belly is relatively firm. Such a belly cannot stand and swell.Everyone knows that after the pregnant woman is pregnant, as the baby’s growth and development of the belly naturally bulge out, the pregnant mother with a tight belly, with the stretching of the belly, the belly button will bulge the situation, and the belly will compare the comparison of the belly.The relaxed pregnant mothers will have a recess of the navel.

Second, fetal activity

The fetus will roll around the pregnant woman’s belly and do a variety of stretching exercises. When the babies grow, there will be some pulling or shaking conditions of the pregnant woman’s belly, especially some active fetuses.The change method is exercised in the stomach of the pregnant mother. In this time, the navel of the pregnant woman will have a protruding look. In fact, it has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus, but it is related to the fetal personality and lively and loved personality.

Third, fatigue during pregnancy

Pregnant women have had a hard work during pregnancy. After all, they must bear the weight of two people, and there will be insomnia, frequent urination, and so on during pregnancy.If in this case, pregnant women have to work more because of external factors, and it is easy to make the tire pressure too much, so that the navel will protrude.

Therefore, the bumpy situation of the navel eyes of the pregnant woman during pregnancy is actually not related to the gender of the fetus. If it is related, then it will be messy, so don’t believe it too much.In fact, the pressure of boys and women is the same. There is no need to worry about whether there are any houses!

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