There is always insomnia during pregnancy?These seven tricks, maybe you can still "sleep in seconds"

Pregnancy is the most important thing for female friends in her life. When female friends enjoy this happiness and joy, the various situations that occur during pregnancy will make pregnant women feel more painful. Insomnia during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon.Insomnia during pregnancy is mainly caused by huge changes in estrogen and lutein. If effective methods are not used in time to relieve it, it will cause excessive pressure, which will easily affect the healthy development of the fetus.risk.

First, calm down to read.When you have insomnia, you can calm down and read the book, or listen to the music you like to listen.Essence

Second, communicate with husband more.It is easy to be emotional during pregnancy, so husbands and family should understand and tolerate more. Under such tolerance and understanding, you can ensure that the pregnant woman’s own health and the health of the baby. They can talk to their families and husbands.The feelings between them can also relieve psychological pressure.

Third, learn to use your baby to threaten yourself.In normal times, whenever you feel that you have an emotional to develop, you may wish to consider the baby’s feelings. You must think that this is very unfavorable to the baby. When you think that the baby will get better right away.

Fourth, emotional transfer.When most female friends enter the pregnancy stage, they will see the children too importantly and put all their energy on their children.In this way, it will be appropriate to cause excessive mental tension, and the symptoms of insomnia will also ignore the concern for people and things around them.Therefore, you should usually consider the feelings of your husband and family, and you can talk to your husband. This is also conducive to the healthy growth of the baby, because the father is also the most important person of the baby.

5. Find someone to chat.The irritable mood is the biggest enemy of insomnia. If there is any unhappiness in your heart, you must find someone to tell the unhappiness in your heart. This can release your own pressure. The mood becomes relaxed and sleeping is not a problem.

6. Pay attention to control your diet.Some pregnant women have a large appetite during pregnancy, and often overeating and big fish and big meat. In fact, this is also an important cause of insomnia. Especially after eating too much for dinner, it affects gastrointestinal digestive function.When a adverse reaction, of course, I can’t sleep well.

7. Create a good environment.The symptoms of insomnia in pregnant women may also be related to the decoration of the family. The bedroom environment should maintain the principle of elegance and comfort, creating a safety and warmth for pregnant women and helping to fall asleep.

Kind tips

If you have symptoms of insomnia for a long time during pregnancy, you should find the cause in many ways. It may be psychological and physiological causes, or it may be the cause of physical diseases. At this time, it must be paid great attention.Long -term insomnia will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also affect the healthy development of the fetus. Therefore, you must go to the hospital for examination in time, and then perform corresponding treatment and conditioning.

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