There must be two sons in life

There is a girl called Xiaoli in our village, and she found a solid and handsome old.After one year of marriage, Xiaoli gave birth to a big fat boy. Although the days are not very rich, the degree of love is no less than the couple of the same age.Xiao Li’s son was pregnant again when he was three years old, and Xiao Li’s husband went out to work.As the saying goes, Xiaoli became double, and Xiaoli wanted to have a girl, so that the children’s doubles are not beautiful.Perhaps pregnant people are very sensitive. Xiaoli has heard that there is a blind fortress on the street and the fortune -telling. You can see that there are a few daughters in the lives of people, in order to reassure.On the day of the turn of the collection, Xiaoli went to find the fortune -telling fortune -telling, and looked at the boy or a girl that Xiaoli was pregnant this time.The villagers praised Chen Blind the wonderful calculation of the magical machine. He was old and sick, and his marriage matching was omnipotent. Some people said that Chen Blusz had a good passage of high people.Xiaoli also did not really see his true face of Lushan. After that day, she finally found Chen Blind’s residence.The building is not a faction, but the style is very simple and generous. The lobby house downstairs is surrounded by a group of people. The blind son sitting in the middle of the hall house can see that Chen blind is really a blind man.In his teens, he is not fat or thin, and wears a white blue blue.There are many people looking for his fortune -telling, and Xiaoli has to queue up one by one. He is a good person, and others will give him some money at will.He declined the money that others gave him.It seems that Chen Blind is not exactly for money.If all of them are for money, I think he should put all the money given by others.After finally being Xiaoli, Xiaoli reported his birthday, and his family address was reported to Chen Blind.I saw him thinking about what Xiaoli wanted to ask?Xiaoli replied that I would like to see that this child is a man or a woman. I saw Chen Blind said that you are destined to have two sons in your life. As for this fetus, men are women, and the opportunity cannot be leaked?

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