There will be 6 symptoms in 26 weeks of pregnancy, especially the fifth symptoms must be paid attention to, very dangerous!

You haven’t seen your baby yet, but he or she is taking over your life!Drive your sleep with your memory or even two weeks of pregnancy or twice when you are pregnant.He or she will do everything after birth!When they said that we were preparing for the baby nine months, not just said that we had to raise a baby and buy a car seat and a bodyguard.We need to prepare for newborns spiritually and become the focus of our attention.

26 weeks baby

How big is the baby at 26 weeks of pregnancy?

At 26 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s cabbage is as large.Your 26 -week fetus is about 29cm and the fetus weighs 800g.He or she is developing sensory, characteristic and even talent!Wow!

How many months are 26 weeks pregnant?

26 weeks of pregnancy 5 months, about 3 weeks of pregnancy.You are passing the sixth month of pregnancy.

26 weeks of pregnancy symptoms

Most of your 26 -week pregnancy symptoms are unwell, and as the baby grows, the body begins to change, prepare for delivery, and constantly becomes more uncomfortable.

1. Difficulty sleep.yawn!The closer to your expiration date, the stronger, you may have to rest!Watch your caffeine intake, keep moisture, and perform a little exercise (walk!) To help your body settle down at night.

2. Swelling.You may not like puffiness, but it is normal for some mild swelling in the 26th week of pregnancy.But it is important to pay attention to severe or sudden swelling, which may be a sign of hazardous diseases called signs of eclampsia.If your swelling seems to be worrying, please call your doctor.

Headache for pregnant women

3. Headache.These are often due to the fluctuations or pressure of hormones.However, if you are hungry or dehydrated, you can also get headaches, so continue to take care of yourself and your baby, at least a few hours, drink a glass of water while drinking a sip.

4. It is easy to forget about pregnancy until this time is easy to forget things. This may be the physiological symptoms of hormone fluctuations, but it may also be because you have a little confusion in your mind.

High blood pressure

5. At 26 weeks of blood pressure, blood pressure increased slightly.If your doctor looks too high, she may be more closely monitored.That’s because the hypertension -a contraction period of more than 140 mm HG or a diastolic period of more than 90 mm HG may be a sign of sigwaeeite epilepsy or HELLP syndrome.These potential dangerous pregnancy complications need to be treated immediately.

6. Uterine contraction.Pay attention to your stomach occasionally that it really feels tight?That’s contraction.Women who are pregnant for 26 weeks may be more obvious.Don’t be surprised -your muscles are succumbing to labor.As long as the contraction is unstable or severe, it will wear.The doctor who tells you, if the contraction is pain or not to stop; those are signs of premature birth.

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