These 4 action can not be done during pregnancy, which will affect the development of the fetus. Don’t know that pregnant mothers don’t know

1. Frequent bending

Although bending is a very common action, for pregnant mothers, often bending down will not only affect their physical health, but also inhibit the normal development of the fetus.Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the stomach of the pregnant mother will become larger and larger. If you often bend over at this time, it is easy to cause the pregnant mother’s lumbar muscle strain, but also compress the abdomen and affect the fetal development. Therefore, the pregnant mother should be during pregnancy.Reduce the frequency of bending.In addition, when pregnant mothers act or do housework, it is best to wear pregnant women’s underwear with abdominal function, which can not only reduce the burden of pregnant belly to their bodies, but also make the fetus more stable, which can be described as beautiful.

2. Sleeping head

Some pregnant mothers may have developed the habit of sleeping in the head since childhood, but this behavior will make the fetus feel uncomfortable during pregnancy.Because the quilt is used to sleep with his head, the oxygen content in the quilt will become lower and lower, which will cause the pregnant mother’s breathing quality to decrease and decrease the oxygen absorption, so that the pregnant mother will have hypoxia.When the pregnant mother is hypoxic, it will cause abnormal fetal movements, causing the fetus to hypoxia, which will affect his health.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers change the bad habit of sleeping during pregnancy to make the fetus healthy.

3. Sitting for a long time

If pregnant mothers do not move for a long time, they will affect the blood circulation of the body, especially the lower limbs, cause blood reflux to be blocked and cause excessive blood, which causes symptoms such as abdominal pain.When the pregnant mother feels that the abdomen is not in time, it will also make the fetal movement frequently, so that it will bring discomfort to the fetus and affect his normal development.Therefore, for the health of the fetus, pregnant mothers must not sit for a long time during pregnancy, or keep a posture for a long time. It is best to get up in half an hour.

4. Lie flat and rest

There may be many pregnant mothers who feel this, that is, once they lie down and rest, the fetus will become very "noisy".In fact, this is because when Baoma lie flat, the enlarged uterus will compress the arteries of the abdomen, affect the blood supply of the uterus, which will cause the placenta to reduce blood supply and cause the fetus to feel hypoxic. Therefore, the frequent fetal movement is actually the fetus.Seeking for help ".Therefore, it is best not to rest or sleep in a flat posture during pregnancy. Generally speaking, the way to lie on the left side will make the fetus more comfortable.

I hope that after reading this article, pregnant mothers can pay attention to their usual behaviors and actions, because you may not have inadvertently affect or even hurt the fetus.

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