These 4 movements during pregnancy endanger the health of the fetus, and the pregnant mother who is doing is quickly corrected

After pregnancy, the family was immersed in expectations and joy, but at the same time, the days of carefulness began.For the healthy development of the baby, the contraindications of large and small during pregnancy, pregnant mothers and family members should always pay attention.These four seemingly ordinary small actions, pregnant mothers do not do it without doing it.

1. Bend over

For pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy, bending down is a difficult thing. You need to bend over to complete. Do not do it again.With the increase of the uterus, the burden on the waist of the pregnant mother is getting heavier. Suddenly bending can easily lead to strain of back muscles. More serious is that the fetal baby will be uncomfortable by a folding force.If you encounter something that must be bent over in the third trimester, you can find your family to help. No one can try to help the stool slowly.

2. Stupy

We usually have to get the items from high places, and we can’t help stomating toes.This action is a very simple thing for us ordinary people, but it is a very unsuitable thing for pregnant mothers, and it will even cause unnecessary trouble.The abdomen becomes heavier after pregnancy, and the center of gravity is very unstable. When you tipto, you will fall if you don’t pay attention to your feet.If things in the high place suddenly fall down to the pregnant mother, the consequences will be even more serious.After pregnancy, the pregnant mothers will treat them well. These dangerous actions are given to the prospective father to do it.

3. Squat

Sometimes when we are tired or standing for a long time, we will feel particularly comfortable to squat and rest for a while, but this action can not be done by pregnant mothers casually.When squatting, it will press the abdomen. After a long time, the fetus will be hypoxic and affects normal development.Many pregnant mothers squatted down and suddenly felt dizzy and even fainted.So for the health of yourself and the fetus, the pregnant mother should not squat casually.Do n’t do too much about tired things. If you are tired, you can find a stool to sit down.

4. Legs

I believe that many people have the habit of gloating Erlang’s legs. No matter how much bad harm to see, when leisure and entertainment, they will still be unconsciously raised.Pregnant mothers can’t be as willful as ordinary people. Your every move is related to the development of the baby’s baby. You are not living alone.Frequent leg -legged can affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs and increase the degree of edema; in the third trimester, often the legs can cause the baby’s growth space to cause a sense of oppression and hinder growth and development.

After pregnancy, the body is no longer alone. The pregnant mother has more responsibility than before, so she needs to pay more energy to take care of her diet.

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