These 6 feelings appear in the body, it may be ovulation!

Everyone knows that in the same room during ovulation, the probability of winning the prize will be higher.

Most women’s menstrual cycles are 28-30 days.The ovulation refers to the stage of mature and discharged by follicles. Normal women at the age of childbearing age will excrete a mature egg every month.If the menstrual cycle of women is normal, there will be only one ovulation period every month and there are certain rules of ovulation.

Many people have some feelings or signs before ovulation.


Changes in body temperature

Under the influence of progesterone during ovulation, the physical temperature of women will increase by 0.3-0.5 ° C.With the atrophy of the luteum, the body temperature will gradually decrease.Daily records of the basal body temperature, connected to a folding line, you can clearly see the body temperature fluctuations to help you verify the ovulation.And the length of the body temperature increases can also be used to reflect the function of the luteum.


Chest pain

Mainly because of the effect of estrogen.Before the follicles are prepared to be discharged, the ovaries will produce a large amount of estrogen and a peak.While urging the pituitary to produce lutein, while inducing eggs, a large amount of estrogen can also stimulate the breast, and breast bloating and pain may occur.

However, as the estrogen peak falls, this feeling will also alleviate the disappearance by itself without negative effects.


Lower abdomen pain

After the follicle matures, it will break and discharge the eggs.In the process, some people will have a sudden pain, like a stomach cramp, and some people call it "ovulation pain".This kind of pain may disappear one or two or two, or it may last for 1-2 days, but it is harmless to the body.


Vartic changes and increased secretions

The increase in estrogen secretion also affects the cervical glands, producing more mucus, and some girls will feel that the underwear is wet.By the time of ovulation, cervical mucus will become sticky, translucent, and egg -shaped, and it is easy to draw.


Changes in sexual desire

After the eggs are discharged, it can only survive in the human body for about 72 hours. In order to increase the chance of reproduction, female sexual desires and sexual fantasies before ovulation will be more active.Studies have shown that the loneliness and sexual driving force of women before ovulation are gradually increasing, and at this stage, sexual behavior will be more active.


Decrease in immunity, vaginal bleeding

Estrogen and progesterone before ovulation will increase.Estrogen fluctuations can affect the endometrium, which may cause some endometrium to fall off in advance and vaginal bleeding, which is called "ovulation bleeding".

Bleeding during ovulation is less than one day or less, and more than a few days, there are a lot of amounts, but it does not affect physical health.However, diseases such as endometrium polyps, submucosal fibroids, cervical lesions, and cesarean section incision and diverticulum can also cause abnormal vaginal bleeding and need to be identified.

The elevation of progesterone may lead to a decrease in the number of immune cells inside the body, suppress the immunohistor response of the reproductive tract, and easily give the disease the opportunity.

These are several common phenomena before ovulation. If you have several times a month, it is more reliable to predict ovulation.

But more often, more people do not have obvious performance. At this time, some other methods must be used to monitor ovulation.


Ovulation test

1-2 days before ovulation, promoting lutein goggen (LH) will reach its peak.Use test strips to test, and the results will show strong positive.

The method is: Take the mid -section of urine at the same time per day and immerse the test strips in it.If the color of the reaction line is the same as the contrasting line color, it is prompted to ovulate within 48 hours, and it is prompted to ovulate within 14-28 hours when the color of the control line is deep.Through continuous monitoring, when this reaction turns from strong positive, the eggs are about to come out.

At this time, the same room for 2 consecutive days, the pregnancy rate will be relatively high.

It should be reminded that this is the physiological phenomenon of standard ovulation.Although the test strips are easy to use, the accuracy rate is only about 75%.Some people may show strong positive post -ovulation for a few days in a row.



This is the most intuitive and accurate way to diagnose ovulation.

The vaginal B -ultrasound can understand the information of follicle growth in time. Experienced doctors can monitor the size of the follicles, the growth of follicles, and the rupture of the osteophytes as the evidence of ovulation. They can also check the changes in the thickness and echo of the endometrium, guide the clinical clinical clinicalDoctors take reasonable medications, guide sex, and effectively increase the chance of conception.

B -ultrasound can also show the number of ovarian sinus follicles to judge ovarian reserve function.

1. Folkmine monitoring: Generally starting on the eighth day of the cycle, the time to monitor the follicles again according to the size of the follicle.A few days before ovulation, the growth rate of follicles is about 2mm per day, and the follicle diameter is monitored every 3 days when the diameter of the follicle is 12mm; monitors every two days when the diameter is 14mm; the daily monitoring is monitored every day when the diameter is 16mm.

In the menstrual cycle 3-5 days, round or oval follicles can be seen in the ovaries. At this time, the diameter is 2-7mm;

When it grows to about 10mm into advantageous follicles, it has grown rapidly since then;

When the diameter reaches 18-20mm, it becomes mature follicles, indicating that ovulation will occur within 24 hours;

After ovulation, the follicles disappear.

Those with menstruation can be monitored from the cycle for about 10 days, and those with irregular can start when the leucorrhea is increased, and the interval between the monitoring is increasingly shortened as the follicles increase.

2. Symptoms of follicle maturity: The diameter of the follicles is more than 18mm, and the half -moon protrusion can be seen in the inner wall of some follicles, which is called "egg hill sign".


Blood test

Blood test pituitary hormone LH, ovarian hormone E2 and P

1. Blood E2 measurement: 24-36 hours before ovulation E2 reached the peak, E2 in the cycle after ovulation quickly decreased, 3 days to the minimum value, about 50%of the peak.Gao forms the second peak.

2. Blood LH measurement: Due to the positive feedback effect of estrogen before ovulation, the LH peak formed after the E2 peak, 3-8 times the base value, up to 160UI/LH or even higher.The first 32 hours and the peak appeared 16 hours before ovulation.Blood LH peaks usually appear in the early morning, and ovulation often occurs 24-48 hours after the blood LH peak.

3. Blood P measurement: Before ovulation, it is synchronized with the LH peak, and there is a slow rise process, which is of the same significance as the LH peak; the ovarian luteal formation is formed after ovulation, and a progesterone peak is formed 1 week after ovulation.Taking blood P ≥ 3ng/ml as the standard for ovulation, it is prompted to ovulate this cycle.Like BBT, the rise of blood pregnancy hormones cannot be removed from the luteinization without rupture follicle syndrome (LUFS).

Ultrasonic monitoring is the most intuitive and accurate method, but most people do not have so much energy and time to go to the hospital for ultrasound.If your menstruation is more time on time, you can speculate the ovulation time by calculating the ovulation period, basic body temperature monitoring, and observing leucorrhea traits.If your menstruation is not accurate, you can use ovulation test strips while monitoring the basal body temperature, and then do ultrasound checks when the strong yang turns weak.

Finally, I wish all friends who prepare for pregnancy can be healthy!

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