These 6 infertile women can get pregnant without treatment. Come and see if you have you

Although our living standards are getting better and better, there are more and more sub -healthy people.In particular, infertile people have increased year by year, so the number of reproductive hospitals has increased.In fact, many infertile women can get pregnant without treatment, but often spend a lot of money by the doctor after going to the hospital, but treat the healthy body into an unhealthy body.So, which infertility women can get pregnant without treatment? See if you are.

These 6 infertility do not need to be treated if you do not need to be treated

1. Fake infertility

The so -called fake infertility is actually derived from the parents who are anxious to hug their grandson.I did n’t want to be pregnant for a few months, so I came to the hospital for examination. The probability was very small.Under normal circumstances, it is considered infertility without pregnancy for more than one year, so we will be collectively called fake infertility.

2. The infertility of the pit

Many female friends now have a little physical discomfort and will ask Du Niang, but not all answers are accurate. Once you find that your symptoms are related to some gynecological diseases, you will go to some irregular hospitals for examination.However, most of the incorrect hospitals are mainly earning money, so they will say your condition more seriously and let you perform surgery. In this case, your money is spent, but the illness is not cured.

And some surgery or treatments that are not needed, sometimes it will cause damage to your body and lead to infertility.Therefore, don’t guess if you have any problems, you know when you go to a regular hospital, and the regular hospital can be reimbursed.

3. Irregular infertility

In the past, when there were no TVs and mobile phones, people went to bed early after eating at night, and people who prepared during pregnancy would get into the quilt to make people.The number of times in the same room has been greatly improved.However, with the improvement of the quality of life, many young people’s daily life and rest will be irregular. Interests, games, and mobile phones have become daily relaxation methods, and there is no time to prepare for the same room. This is naturally impossible.Therefore, if you want to get pregnant as soon as possible, it is important to have a regular life.

4. Dragged infertility

Women should know that women’s best fertility age is between 23-30 years old. During this period, the rate of pregnancy is very high, and the probability of abortion, abortion, and fetal malformations is also very low.But now many women will drag their children back in order to live a world or want to improve their job positions. Once they are delayed to 30 years old, fertility will decrease. Even if they are pregnant, they will be more susceptible to miscarriage and fetal stopping.

Therefore, if you want to have a good birth, you have to make an early plan. Don’t think about the excuses of "playing for a few years, just starting your career, etc.".

5. Unhealthy infertility

Too fat or too thin will affect women’s conception. Some women lose weight to lose weight in order to become beautiful. They do not know that this will not only affect conception, but also threatened a healthy body.Some people like to eat or do not like sports. After a long time, they will eat themselves into a fat man.But do you know that obesity will also increase the probability of infertility.So if you want to get pregnant, you must adjust your body to a weight suitable for pregnancy.

6. Naive infertility

It is really polite to say that it is stupid.

Some women have accidentally pregnant for various reasons during marriage.What should I do at this time, I can only abortion.They feel that abortion is not harmful to the body, but in fact, it will cause damage to our endometrium and cause infertility.

Therefore, do n’t believe those painless flows and advertisements for a few minutes! They will never tell you that abortion will hurt you!

Finally, I will tell you that you should not be too anxious, try more, maybe you will be in the middle! Usually maintain a healthy living habits. Of course, if you really have a problem, you still have to go to a regular hospital to take a look.

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