These changes in breasts during pregnancy. If you do not take care, it will affect postpartum breastfeeding.

After pregnancy, fetal development will continue to increase the stomach of the pregnant mother, and the changes in hormone levels in the body will also increase the breast.The changes in the pregnant belly are related to the development of the fetus, the breast change is related to the health of the pregnant mother, and it is also related to the breastfeeding problem after the baby is born.Therefore, mothers must take care of their breasts during pregnancy. The following things need to be paid attention to.

Replace the right underwear

After pregnancy, the level of prolactin and estrogen in pregnant mothers will increase, and the breasts will increase under the action of these two hormones. Each pregnant mother has different constitutions and the degree of increase will be different.Some pregnant mothers may have doubts, will the size of the breast affect lactation?In fact, the two have nothing to do, but the pregnant mothers need to replace the appropriate underwear after the breast enlargement. The original underwear is easy to cause compression of the breast, and the breastfeeding underwear is generally good.The pressure of the breast will become much smaller, and the pregnant mother will feel more comfortable.

Pay attention to breast cleaning

During the pregnancy, pigmentation in the body will make the pregnant mother’s nipples and areolas darker. The sebaceous glands around the areolas are bulging. There will be round protruding objects. The nipples will have a small amount of milk secretion. This is normal colostrum.Pregnant mothers just do breast cleaning only when taking a bath. Do not clean the breasts with soap every day.You can also apply sheep fat cream for care.

Massage the breast correctly

During the development of breasts, the rapid growth of the internal breast tissue will cause the breast to have the discomfort of swelling and pain in the breast.Proper massage breasts can help breast development, and can also increase the elasticity of the breast and maintain the skin, but inappropriate massage methods will hurt the breast.When performing breast massage, pregnant mothers can follow the following steps.① First apply hot compresses for the breast; ② The left hand is covered on the right chest, and the right hand is superimposed to the center of the chest, and the left chest is used to use the same method;Make a pressure massage.It should be noted that the massage should not be too large to avoid hurting the breast.

Do a good nipple care

During pregnancy, breasts have increased pain, and some pregnant mothers will also have a problem of nipple depression, but it is better not to pull the nipples at will.Because at this time, the breast is in the developmental period, and the internal breast tissue is prone to damage under pulling, especially in the third trimester. It is easy to cause the nipples to cause the secretion of the a theory of the uterine and induce contraction.When pregnant mothers have a nipple depression, it is best to help doctors and take correct nursing measures after understanding their own depression.

Doing breast care during pregnancy not only cares for your health, but also allows your baby to breastfeed more smoothly after delivery. Pregnant mothers must pay attention to.

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