These changes in the breasts of pregnant mothers three things … Have you found it?

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After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will feel that the breasts are swollen and even feel slightly tingling. Yes, this is the change brought by the breast to the breast.Today we will talk about what changes will be changed during pregnancy.


Breast size changes

After pregnancy, the breast will grow quietly.And the breasts after pregnancy are not our ideal upward increase, but increased from the lower part to the armpit.

Some pregnant mothers will feel that there will be a small nodule under the armpit and will gradually increase. This situation is mostly so -called "sub -milk", that is, there is no completely degraded breast during development.This situation generally does not need to be too worried, and there is no need for special treatment during pregnancy.With the beginning of lactation and the swelling of the breast, the auxiliary milk will be more swollen than during pregnancy.As the breast milk is smooth, the breast swelling improves.

Some auxiliary milk grows relatively, and continues to increase or even lactation after giving birth. This needs to find a mammary expert for consultation. If necessary, surgical resection is required.


Nipple change

After pregnancy, the nipple will increase, the pigment is deep and darker or darker, and it will become sensitive. The areola area will become larger, black, and small protrusions.After childbirth, the color will gradually fade.

The sebaceous glands at the areola are large and bulge, forming many round knot -shaped protrusions, and will also secrete some fat to prevent the nipples from dryness. This is the Moncore Mali glands, or the Mongolian nodules.Some small nodules.


The breast becomes sensitive

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will feel that the breasts are sensitive, and even dare not touch it.Some pregnant mothers do not show breast pain, but itching.The nipples are also erected after being stimulated (such as clothes friction).

There is no good treatment for breast sensitivity. It is recommended to wear cotton -breathable bras and change it frequently; try not to have steel brackets to ensure smooth blood circulation.In addition, it is necessary to reduce the stimulation of breasts.

Some pregnant mothers like to take a hot bath to help relieve the sensitivity and tenderness of the breast. This is okay.But be careful not to water temperature or bath for too long, so as not to bring adverse effects to the fetus.


Milk secretion

Some pregnant mothers have milk secretion in the third trimester and before childbirth. At this time, the amount of milk secreted is not too much. It looks thicker and the color is usually yellow or white.

This is normal. Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, and usually ensure that the breasts are dry and clean.

Wipe your nipples every day in the third trimester to prepare for breastfeeding.


"Stretch marks" that grow to the breast

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are affected by the level of pregnancy hormone and their breasts are increasing to prepare for breastfeeding.But sometimes, the skin growth rate at the breast cannot keep up with the speed of hypertrophy of the breast gland and the prostate hyperplasia, and restrictions and restraints on the growth of the breast.At this time, the breasts usually break through the restraint and continue to grow, and the curved pattern is formed on the breast, similar to the stretch marks of the abdomen, which we call it "breast pattern".

Regarding the changes in breasts during pregnancy, we said here.If pregnant mothers find these changes, don’t panic and keep their minds, these are normal phenomena.

TIPS: In the next article, let’s talk about how to do breast care during pregnancy. Welcome to follow.

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