These data on the B -ultrasound have missed the information of the baby’s baby

The B -ultrasound examination is to help us know some development of the fetus in the mother’s body.But in fact, the B -ultrasound will also reveal some situations of having some boys and girls.There are also some judges through the older generation.However, both having a boy or a girl are the crystallization of parents’ love.

The older generation of old thoughts still retain the concept of raising children to prevent the elderly, but today’s society, how many parents have worked hard to raise a few boys, did not get the joy of being blessed by the old age, and even the children.Such news abound.On the contrary, there are many families. The daughter raised is more intimate and knows filial piety.If the parents are sick, they will take care of it in front of the bed.Therefore, whether men and women are men and women, they must be kind to the baby in the fetus.The popularity of this time is related to love and has nothing to do with gender.

1. Look at the shape of the gestational sac to judge

In general, in the test results of 40-50 days of pregnancy, if the shape of the pregnancy sac looks like a small eggplant or a small potato, it can basically be judged as a female baby.It may be a baby baby.The mother who is pregnant can look at her situation based on this.

1. Through these two items of B -ultrasound, judge

In addition to comparing data, we can distinguish the results of the double -top diameter on the B -ultrasound and the results of the femoral length. If these two items are greater than 2, and the heads and short legs are generally a male treasure.Conversely, if the double -top diameter and femoral length on the list may be a female baby.

2. Look at the shape of the belly and belly

If the belly of the belly is a sharp shape, it may be a boy.Conversely, the belly of the belly is round, and it may be a girl.If the navel protrudes, it is also a characteristic of a boy. The navel is recessed in, which may be the characteristics of a girl.

The accuracy of these three methods above is still relatively high, but after all, these methods are just for everyone to refer to it. There is no research on the scientific basis.

According to the analysis of experienced obstetrics and gynecologists, the baby in the expectant mother’s belly must have at least four months before they can get gender information.And sometimes B -ultrasound is not necessarily completely accurate. There are many families who have a baby before having a baby, and when they are born, they are boys.Because the baby’s baby is very unrealistic in the stomach, it will also have a certain impact on the results of the inspection. The above information is for your reference.

When the B -ultrasound was checked, listening to the heartbeat of the child and mother beating together, did the mothers start looking forward to this little life?

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