These four stages of golden retrievers need special care#这 这 这#

It is easy to raise dogs, but dogs who raise special periods are not necessarily.Golden Retriever will have different stages in their lifetime, and the way of taking care of each stage is also different. For each stage, special breeding is better for their bodies.

Golden retriever

The shoveling officer raised by the golden retriever often encounters the following special stages. Let’s take a look at how to take care of them!

1. Golden Mao, puppies

The Golden Retriever puppies are critical, which represents its first awareness and adaptation to the world.The breeding and adult dogs of golden retriever puppies are very different.Golden retrievers during the puppies need to be fed four to five times a day when they are 2 to 3 months. The puppies’ diet also increases as its food increases.

At about 4 months, the dog will start to enter the tooth change period. You have to prepare the bones to help grind your teeth.

2. Golden Mao

When the golden retriever enters the age of age, it will not be as lively and energetic as before, because the amount of activity starts to decline, its organs in the body also begin to aging, and metabolism will be affected. Not only that, it is even worse to digest and absorb.Therefore, for the diet of elderly dogs, it is best to choose foods that are easy to digest and absorb, and nutrition must be balanced, so as to supplement the nutrition it lost.

3. Golden retriever during pregnancy

When the golden retriever is pregnant, its food and nutritional needs will become large.Because the embryos in the body need to develop, they should appropriately increase their feeding amount.The method of feeding pregnant dogs is best to eat less meals, because at this time, the pregnant dog’s uterus occupies a large amount of abdominal space, the stomach cannot relax normally, and it is prone to digestion problems, so eat less meals.

4. Golden Mao during the estrus

The estrus period is a period when all dogs have experienced in the process of growing up. The dog character, diet, and behavior habits of the estrus period will change greatly.Maybe they will not eat because they are uncomfortable, or they may be peeing, and these will bring them inconvenient.Therefore, shovel officers need to pay attention to the palatability of food, otherwise dogs will not eat easily.

If you do n’t want to make a dog have a plan to have a sterilization surgery, because the dog will have a great health impact every time.

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