These three environments are the least suitable for pregnant mothers to live, and the damage to the baby can be visible!

After five years of marriage, colleague Xiao Qiu finally became pregnant, and we were all happy for her, because Bao Ma who had experienced experience knew that it was not easy for the elderly pregnant women to conceive.But after three months of pregnancy, Xiao Qiu’s negligence during pregnancy brought a unforgettable lesson to Xiao Qiu.

Xiao Qiu moved into the new home who had just been renovated shortly after successful pregnancy. The purpose of their movement was that the new home was closer to work from the company to work, and they could save a lot of toss on the way to work on the way to work.But not long after moving in, Xiao Qiu was forced to choose drainage, because the fetus inhaled too much decoration materials, and he had stopped developing in his belly.Xiao Qiu felt guilty and sad about the result of negligence. When she visited her before our colleague, she regretted it and promised that she must choose a place suitable for fetal development after pregnancy.The following summarizes the three types of living environment that is not suitable for expectant mothers to bred the fetus. The expectant mothers during pregnancy must look at it.

The place that has just been renovated

The newly renovated house will be full of pungent chemical materials. Generally, the decorated houses should open the window for more than a year, and wait for the room to smell the taste of a chemical material in the house.The smell in the decoration materials contains a lot of formaldehyde, which is harmful to the human body.Living in an environment full of this smell, most people are inevitably endangered, not to mention expectant mothers during pregnancy?Moms that bred in this environment can easily lead to sad things where the fetus is infertile.

Noisy environment

During pregnancy, expectant mothers need a quiet and peaceful environment for pregnancy. Like a residence living in a downtown area or surrounded by noisy music, it is easy to make the prospective mothers who are difficult to calm.The law of mother’s schedule affects the development of the fetus in the abdomen.

There are too many places with family members

Many expectant mothers think that in the environment of a lot of family members during pregnancy, it will be convenient for pregnant women to take care of someone, and it will also make expectant mothers not stay in a deserted environment due to boredom.It is necessary for expectant mothers to accompany someone during pregnancy, but expectant mothers can spend pregnancy during the living place in the two -person world. During the period, girlfriends and friends can go to accompany.Make expectant mothers to touch, on the other hand, it is also easy to make expectant mothers unable to keep her fetus with peace of mind.

In the environment, do you spend pregnancy under the environment?Do you think the surrounding environment affects the mood of expectant mothers during pregnancy?Leave a message together to discuss the expectant mothers during a comfortable environment.

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