These three signals during pregnancy are "long -term" for fetal development, and many people are still stupid.

You must know that after women are pregnant, this change will naturally happen. Especially after women are pregnant, a baby in the belly is constantly growing, which will cause women to have some differences from before pregnancy.There are many things that mothers need to experience a month. In fact, the most worried about whether they can develop healthy. In the process of baby’s development, it is not possible to maintain a constant speed, but sometimes it will be faster faster.Sometimes it is slower, so there are several upsurge in the development of the fetus. Pay more attention to supplementing nutrition in this way to effectively promote the development of the fetus.

If the fetal development is "long -term", there may be 3 feelings, and the nutrition of pregnant mothers must keep up with

1. frequent urination

In fact, in the second month of pregnancy, the development of the fetus will enter the first increase period, mainly because during this period, the fetus’s head, the body and limbs are growing, so the fetus occupiesThe area of the area will become larger and larger, and the uterus will be more and more supported, which will oppress the bladder and cause pregnant women to have frequent urination.Symptoms, then it means that the fetus has reached the rise of development, so it is necessary to pay attention to supplementing nutrition to achieve a balanced diet.

2. It is easy to breathe when you go upstairs

In the sixth month of pregnancy, around the 22nd week, the fetus will be in the second period of upsurge. At this time, his body development is relatively complete and will gradually grow up. This will gradually grow up. This will gradually grow up.At the time, the belly will become very obvious and bigger. If the fetus increases with the fetus during this period, the uterus has gradually begun to rise, which will cause the lungs. At this time, the lung function will become comparedThe most obvious experience is that it is very easy to breathe when you go upstairs, so you must pay more attention to supplementing nutrition in this case.

3. I often feel extremely tired at 28 weeks of pregnancy

By the time of the 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is also a critical period for fetal development. At this time, the body’s body development will be very rapid, and the brain development will be very fast.The swelling situation leads to various fatigue situations when pregnant women move during pregnancy. Therefore, once this situation occurs during the 28 weeks of pregnancy, it must be paid attention to.The soaring phase, so it is necessary to add the required nutrients to help the healthy development of the fetus.

Nurse Jun Broken Thinking:

October is not easy to get pregnant. Don’t miss the best period of the fetus’s development. Pay more attention to the changes in the body. In many cases, the physical response of the pregnant mother can reflect the healthy development of the baby. ThereforeDevelop.

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