Think of that is afraid of pregnancy?Let’s take a look at the several contraceptive methods I summarized

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When I didn’t think of a child, I never took medicine or dare to take it. At that time, my aunt was particularly accurate.I came once every 28 days, and I was disrupted by me, so the contraception was very cautious, so I was afraid of going out when I was pregnant. Let me talk about my contraceptive experience. The sofa was sitting.

● Ovulation test strip contraceptive method

First of all, I used the soil method to measure the ovulation test strip. At that time, I felt that the ovulation test strip was particularly fun.I have not prepared to prepare for pregnancy. I take the ovulation test strip to contraception. I do n’t care about it every time I ’m weak, but if I find that the strong yang, or the yang, or the strong yang turning weak, during this time, my husband and I will regulate the rules.Rules, you should eat and eat, and you should not dare to want to be free.When the ovulation test strip turns into a whiteboard, I know that the follicles have been discharged at this time, and the follicles can only survive for three days, so why should I do it with confidence (do not say too clearly, shy).

The ovulation test paper is the same as usual, so I can’t drink water accurately. Generally, I buy a lot because it is more cost -effective.It ’s safe than going to take contraceptives when you go to take the body. If you do n’t do it well, you have to go to the hospital to break the fortune. Anyway, I have n’t been in it, and this method is used when I have a normal menstruation.

● Body thermometer contraceptive method

I want to say that I have two thermometers, one oral cavity, and one underarm.Because some people say that the gap between the mouth and the underarms is 0.3, but no matter which kind of thermometer is, it depends on its trend. The ovulation day is the day when the ovulation day is the lowest temperature in the body temperature.It can be seen that the ovulation will basically be ovulated on the day, and the body temperature will not deceive people. Of course, sperm can survive in the body for three days, so we have to observe the three -month body temperature meter trend.The lowest temperature on the 13th day, then I will see if there is a temperature change on the 11th to 14th of the month this month. Of course, there are different rooms these days, because these days are also easy to win the prize. Generally, my aunt is normal.Ovulation will not be too early or after retreat, basically wandering in those days.

● Look at the underwear contraceptive method

In the days of ovulation, you will find that there is an egg white -like secretion, whether it is wet or a transparent hanging there, it is a sign of ovulation.Be careful! "

So at this time, if you find that there are more secretions and the underwear is wet, don’t arrange it. I just rely on this. In almost a few days, I did not arrange it when I saw this.You can have the same room.

● Set contraceptive method

Set, it can be said that it is safer. It does not change hormone changes in the body like taking medicine.It ’s nothing to do. If you accidentally get a fetus because of accidental pregnancy, it’ s a big deal. Anyway, I wo n’t let this kind of thing happen, so I will continue to learn this knowledge.Don’t buy some good -looking, cheap ones, otherwise you will buy a broken one at that time, then it will be miserable.

Basically, I have something to shoot!It was absolutely unreliable. When it was a difficult pregnancy circle, many grapefruit was because of the abortion after being pregnant. They thought that the outside was good, and they could be washed away when they washed.You don’t want to think about the activity rate, it will move.At the moment you shot, he had already swimmed. You washed away the dead sperm or lazy sperm. There were tens of millions of sperm in a drop of semen. Are you washed it?For this unreliable contraceptive method, I don’t think you do it, and you regret yourself at that time.


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