This dirty tube is the stones accumulated during pregnancy

In March 2020, I was pregnant, my twins.

I have the habit of exercising regularly before pregnancy. I can’t move the fitness lessons twice a week, and I exercise at home every day during the epidemic.It’s not how I love sports, but because I have physiological hypotension, exercise can strengthen blood circulation. If I do n’t exercise, my calf will swell due to blood flow.

After pregnancy, I naturally became more cautious, and the high -intensity exercise that could quickly improve the heart rate stopped.At 5 months, my legs were swollen to affecting sleep. After consulting the relevant information, I found that swimming is a safer pregnancy exercise during pregnancy, and the hydrocontroller can also help the legs of the legs return.

What are you waiting for, decisively clean up things to swim!

Sahuan swimming for a while, and afterwards, abdominal pain and panic

The cautious teammates did not support me swimming, but I couldn’t bear my soft and hard bubbles. I barely helped me find a hotel swimming pool. I felt that people could be less and safer.In the past, there were two people in the huge swimming pool.I occupy a lane with half a bottle of waterstroke, and I swam wandering under the "close attention" of my teammates.After about half an hour, the pool suddenly came in a group of ten -year -old children.The children who are ten years old are full of energy and destructive age. They smiled and raised in the swimming pool while laughing.I was afraid of being hit, and I wanted to swim back to the side to rest. As soon as I swam near the children, I saw a child rushing over, scaring me to desperately kick my legs and escape from the "dangerous area".

When I got on the shore, I felt a little uncomfortable on the left and back of my waist, thinking that I had just kicking my legs and twisted to the waist.It was not serious at the time, and I decided not to tell my teammates.After all, he opposed me to go swimming. If he knew that I was twisted to the waist, it would be even more impossible to let me swim in the future, and he would even add this matter to his daily routine.I listen to his "handle".

I went out of the bath with a calm expression, thinking that a hot bath may alleviate muscle discomfort, and it would be better to stretch it again.Who knows that the pain is getting worse and worse. When I take a shower, I have had to wear clothes to help the wall.It’s definitely a problem with such pain. I didn’t blow my hair out of the dressing room to ask my teammates for help.Sure enough, from the pool to the car, my teammates helped me while helping me, I shouldn’t listen to his words to swim.

When I got on the car, I couldn’t remember whether my teammates had broken thoughts. I just remember that I suddenly wanted to vomit. I picked up a paper bag in a hurry and vomited.Compared with the vomiting of bad things, this vomiting can be said to be very smooth and laborious. It spit the stomach cleanly at once, and did not feel the severe gastric acid taste of the usual vomiting in the mouth.

We all suspect that this pain is related to pregnancy, so I went to the emergency department of the Provincial Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital as soon as possible.It may be because of pain, the time for waiting and examination became extremely long, and I squatted next to the door of the emergency B -ultrasound room for one second and one second.What is more difficult than pain is my worry and self -blame. The reason why I was worried about the pain was that the baby had a problem. I blame myself that I insisted on swimming and caused an accident.And this increasingly serious pain seems to be reminding me: My idea is right.

Simple stones become no longer simple

Finally, it was my turn to make a timeout. I was so painful that I had a difficulty in checking the bed. The touch of the B -ultrasound probe even worsened the pain.When the doctor said, "The baby is okay, and the ovarian uterus is fine, there is a stones in the ureter", I relieved.There are a lot of people around them. The disease has a mature treatment plan and can be better soon.

But I was wrong.Because of pregnancy, my stones are not a simple "ureteral stones", but a complex "pregnancy combined with ureteral stones". The obstetrics and gynecology hospital cannot be treated as a specialist hospital.We had to change to a provincial comprehensive hospital. However, unfortunately, this hospital only had urology and no obstetrics and gynecology.Urology doctors cannot receive me without the support of gynecology and gynecology. I can only let me go to the emergency department first to hang some potions that can alleviate the disease during pregnancy.After hanging the potion, my pain was not reduced at all. The doctor said that they had encountered similar medical records before, because they could not handle it during pregnancy, but they could only bear it.

Okay, then I can bear it.

Pregnant mothers who are doing ultrasound examination 丨

When I was out of the hospital, it was already dark. When my teammates were afraid of going home, I was too late to go to the hospital. I took me to find a hotel near the hospital.This night was really hard, and the pain tortured my side waist.I kept going to the toilet and vomiting. Although I went to the toilet most of the time, I sat on the toilet, and vomiting could only spit some green bile, but this seemed to reduce the pain a little bit.I can fall asleep when the pain is reduced. When I fall asleep, I ca n’t feel the pain. Then I will be awakened when I go to the toilet and vomit. The pain is reduced and then climbed back to the bed to sleep.

After tossing all night, it was dawn, and my pain really reduced a lot.The teammates were so nervous that I didn’t close my eyes overnight, and I said that I had to sleep.The teammates said, "I know you are asleep, you are snoring …"

Although the pain was relieved, we still decided to find a hospital to see it.This time we finally found a comprehensive hospital with both urology and obstetrics and gynecology. The emergency doctor received me. After consulting the obstetrician and gynecologists, I prescribed painkillers for me.EssenceAfter hanging the water, we went to urology again. The doctor suggested that I insert a ureteral stent tube in the ureter (commonly known as the double J tube) to prevent the stones from blocking the ureter spasm again and bringing pain.This tube will not affect pregnancy and giving birth to a baby. After childbirth, you can pull the tube before processing the stones.

I changed the tube in the middle

We accepted the suggestion of the urology doctor. The intubation was a director who was kind and technically superb. He chatted with me to divert my attention and inserted the tube.He said that there are many patients with ureteral stones with pregnancy, and the double J tube technology is very mature. He has recently dealt with several cases.

At that time, the director used the tube that could be maintained for 6 to 9 months, and planned to use me to give birth to a baby.However, in August, I suddenly began to develop hematuria. The doctor said that hematuria was normal after intubation, allowing continued observation.In October, I still had hematuria, and my waist began to pain.Then I went to the hospital for examination and found that the original hematuria was because the baby grew up, which caused the double J tube to move, so the director helped me change a tube.

After changing the tube, the pain that troubled me for a long time finally gone, and I worked in December again.Due to the large pregnancy month and the twin, I also stayed in the women’s obstetrics for a week.

This illness experience strengthened my determination to give birth.It is said that the pain of ureteral stones is more painful than having a child, so after experiencing the pain of stones, I feel that the pain of production can also be tolerated. In addition, my twins are heads, and in the endDragon and phoenix tire.Thanks to God for letting me be born in the era of modern medicine.

After the mattress period, I unplugged the double J tube and treated the stones through surgery. The ureteroscope took two gravel with less than 0.5 cm diameter. At the beginning, the stones with a pain and 1 cm diameter were gone.I slowly recovered.

Double jittails that are unplugged, covered with stones 丨 The author’s picture

Doctor comment

Cai Keke | The Chief Physician of the Department of Urology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University

If pregnant women have symptoms such as waist and abdomen, nausea, nausea, vomiting, hematuria, fever such as waist and abdomen, and may suffer from ureteral stones in a timely manner. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.While the obstetrician evaluates the fetal condition, it is recommended to go to the urology specialty for further diagnosis and treatment.

The incidence of ureteral stones during pregnancy is 1/1500 ~ 1/2, mostly in the middle and late pregnancy.Affected by estrogen and progesterone, ureteral dilatation, weakening of peristalsis, stagnation of urine, and increasing uterus in advanced pregnancy are prone to compress the ureter, which makes it more likely to form ureteral stones during pregnancy.

Ureutal stones can be secondary obstruction and infection. Severe renal colic and infection can stimulate and induce contractions, causing premature complications such as premature breakdown or even abortion and premature birth.Choosing safe and effective diagnosis and treatment is of great significance for pregnant women and fetuses.

Due to the changes in the anatomical structure of pregnant women and the restrictions on the application of radiation inspection, ultrasonic examination is the preferred and safe diagnostic method of ureteral stones during pregnancy.

Ureutal stones should be preferred for conservative treatment during pregnancy, and most of the density of most stones is relatively loose.Through drinking more water, proper exercise, etc., the vast majority can be discharged from the body by themselves without surgical treatment.You can choose muscle injection to relieve ureteral spasm to reduce pain without affecting the fetus.For those who have severe pain or invalid drug treatment, surgery needs to be performed.The goal of surgical treatment is to relieve urinary tract obstruction, prevent infection, and obstetric complications caused by stones. At present, the main treatment methods include ureteral stent pipes and ureteroscopy.

The ureteral stent tube is relatively simple and can be performed under local anesthesia. It is a temporary way to treat the urinary system obstruction.If the experience of the same author, if the apartment stent pipe is long, the surface can form a fine stones and cause the obstruction again, or the shift and falling of the stent tube due to the increase in uterine in the evening of pregnancy.Its treatment method is to regularly review the Urinary B -ultrasound and shorten the cycle of replacing the dual J.

At present, with the continuous improvement of urological endoscopic technology, the success rate and safety of ureteral mirrorstellargling are also increasing.Its advantage is that it can be treated directly without further treatment after surgery. However, the surgery requires a doctor to evaluate whether the patient’s physical condition can tolerate anesthesia and surgery.


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