This is an article that can only be understood by pregnant women after pregnancy.

Now I am also a small pregnant woman. I endure all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms of early pregnancy every day. In order to disperse the various discomforts brought to me, I try various ways to disperse my attention.

Today, I recorded that I was pregnant until I was less than three months old to some changes that I didn’t even know from the body. I didn’t know what was different from the sisters.

[1] First of all, let’s talk about how I couldn’t sleep in the early morning before I was pregnant before pregnancy. I used to have been as quiet as Teacher Li Jian before.I must sleep for a long time after sleeping for a long time! I also fully executed his schedule and resolutely did not sleep after one or two o’clock in the evening.Still playing games or even meals outside until nine o’clock in the evening, I don’t want to sleep. I sleep for six hours a day before pregnancy and feel like a whole day. Now, I basically do not know if I have dinner, shit, urine.The same sister, some comment areas discuss discussions ~

[2] About going to the toilet, I think many sisters have experienced many sisters. I ca n’t sleep when I do n’t get up all night. I feel that I feel that I feel like a bleeding for two hours.At the beginning, I thought I had any gynecological disease or kidney was not good. I consulted the doctor later that it was normal, the more obvious it was. I did n’t know what nightmare was in the later period for more than two months ~

[3] Regarding pregnancy, I will vomit in the morning and evening, no matter what time I get up in the morning, there is something in the stomach, or if there is something in the stomach, otherwise you must vomit breakfast.Don’t want to sleep all night.It ’s the such thing as having to eat some fruits and the like when I wake up in the middle of the night.

[4] About the part of the chest, it is estimated that my husbands like the most. I have always been B before pregnancy. I have changed to C less than March.Many pregnant mothers seem to be very happy to bred a new life. For me, I suffer every day ~ PS I also love my treasure, but I hope my treasure should not toss your old mother. After all, your old mother is old age.It’s not easy to get too lightly ~ Oh my treasure ….

Today, I wrote it for the time being. I feel that I ca n’t stand the waist for a long time. Sisters, you have different changes, please meet the comment area ~ Sprinkle ~~~

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