This is the nutritional way of honey!Cough, protecting the stomach, and tonifying deficiency, but the two types of people are better not to touch

Original title: This is the nutritional way of honey!Keep cough, protect the stomach, tonic … the body is more benefited!But the two types are better not to touch

Many people have a pot of honey. It is not only a good seasoning ingredient, but also a natural "nourishing medicine".People who are prone to cough can help cough and improve human immunity; people with long -term insomnia can soothe the nerves to help sleep; when they feel fatigue or when they are in low blood sugar, they can restore physical strength and alleviate virtual damage …

But if you only drink with honey, it is a pity!When honey and "Yibao" have benefited more, learn it quickly!


Honey plus "one treasure", the body benefits more

In "Shennong Materia Medica", honey is listed as the top product that is beneficial to people. It is said that it can "settle the five internal organs, replenish qi, remove pain and detoxify, except all diseases, and all medicines."Not old", we can see its powerful health care effect.

When honey plus "one treasure", the benefits are doubled.

1 Honey+white radish, cough

Method: Cut a white radish into pieces, add an appropriate amount of water to cooked the soup, and let it cool to the appropriate temperature to add an appropriate amount of honey.

Honey and radish are compatible, which can be regarded as "strong and strong". The former can cough and moisturize the lungs, which is often used to relieve sore throat, cough and other diseases;

For people with weakening lung function and often shortness of breath, shortness of breath, dry throat, and fatigue, drink white radish honey drinks 3 times a day, and generally use it for 2 to 3 days.

2 Honey+licorice, protect the stomach

Method: Put 10g of licorice in the cup, brew it with boiling water, and then add about 20g of honey after 10 minutes, and stir well.It is recommended to drink about 1 hour before meals and drink 3 times a day.

Licorice is sweet and sweet, with heart, lung, spleen, stomach meridian, and has the effect of nourishing the spleen and qi, relieve pain, and can be used to relieve stomach pain and abdominal pain.There are also experiments that licorice has a significant inhibitory effect on gastric ulcers. Its extract can also increase the ingredients of heburotine of gastric mucosa cells and reduce the damage caused by stimulating substances to gastric mucosa.

Matching licorice with honey can better promote ulcer healing and protect gastric mucosa. It is especially suitable for people with chronic atrophic gastritis as daily conditioner.

3 Honey+Garlic, keep the liver

Method: Peel the garlic to peel the skin and soak it in 30%of the salt water for a day, then put it in the microwave oven for 1 to 2 minutes, remove it and dry it.After it is completely dry, put it into the sealing tank, pour the honey without garlic cloves, and marinate for about 1 week to eat.

Honey can provide necessary energy to help liver tissue regeneration and have a good protective effect on the liver.It contains vitamin B1, which can also be combined with the rich garlic of garlic to form a hyperthyllin.

Matching honey and garlic can also weaken the irritating taste of garlic, and the taste is easier to be accepted by people.

4 Honey+raw Atractylodes+Xuanming powder, laxative

Method: Take 20G raw atractylodes, make it as powder, and mix it with 100g Xuanming powder and 500g honey evenly. Steam for 10 minutes into the pan. After cooling, put it into a sealed container and eat two spoons a day.

Honey has the effect of moisturizing intestinal laxatives, coupled with the mysterious powder made of Glaube, and the spleen -based spleen spleen, the effect of laxative laxes is more powerful, which is very suitable for long -term constipation people as fast and laxative.

However, if the stool is thin after taking this honey, it means that the medicine is too strong, and you can reduce the amount appropriately and change it to eat one spoon every day. If the stool is still unobstructed after taking it, you can increase it to three spoons a day.You can stop after eating the above dose.


These 4 points are not right, all the nutrition of honey is wasteful

Eating honey is a "technical job". To maximize the nutritional value of honey, in addition to choosing a good match, you must also do it right!

1 "Pick wrong"

When you buy honey, you should first check whether it has trademarks and related certifications, especially for some "farmhouse native honey", and it is also necessary to "polish" to prevent buying fakes.

Secondly, real honey looks usually light and moist, smells a faint sweet fragrance, and the fragrance can last for a long time; while fake honey does not have fragrance or exudes a flavor.

You can also use spoons or chopsticks to test the quality of honey.The specific method is: Pick up a spoonful of honey with a spoon and pour it down. If you can pull out the longer silk and silk, it will shrink into a spherical shape, which means that the quality is better.


The color of honey is usually related to the type of flowers and has nothing to do with quality.Like locust nectar, it is usually light amber, and the colors of jujube nectar are darker, and most of them are yellow and red.

2 "Drink wrong"

Although honey water can be drunk sooner or later, the drinking effect is different at different times. You can choose according to your needs.

In the morning: After getting up in the morning, drink honey water, which has a relatively strong laxative effect, suitable for people with constipation.However, for people with poor gastrointestinal function, drinking honey water on an empty stomach can easily lead to diarrhea. It is best to drink it 1 to 2 hours after meals.

Afternoon: Drink some honey water at three or four in the afternoon to quickly replenish physical fitness and relieve fatigue;

Before bed: Materials such as glucose and magnesium ions in honey can stabilize the nervous system. People with insomnia drink some honey water about 1 hour before going to bed to help soothe nerves and improve sleep quality;

After drinking: Drink some honey water after wine to replenish water and sugar, accelerate alcohol to discharge the body, and at the same time relieve discomfort.

3 "Surveying is wrong"

① Avoid metal containers.Honey is acidic, so metal containers should be avoided when stored. Relatively speaking, containers of glass, ceramics and other materials are more suitable.

② Avoid moisture.When taking honey, you must use dry spoons. After each consumption, remember to tighten the lid to avoid moisture from entering the bottle to accelerate the metamorphosis of the honey.

③ Avoid refrigerators.Honey is placed in a cool and ventilated place, and room temperature can be stored.If honey is placed in the refrigerator, it is easy to crystallize, which is not convenient to eat and affect the taste.

4 Two types should not be eaten

1. Babies under one year old

Honey may contain botulinum bacteria, while infant intestinal development is not complete. Among them, there is no bacteria that can fully inhibit Botox’s reproduction, and the risk of poisoning is high.

2. Diabetes

The main components of honey are glucose and fructose, which account for 70%to 80%.These two kinds of sugar are monosaccharides, which are easily absorbed by the human body, and have a greater impact on blood sugar.

Therefore, for people with unstable diabetics for blood glucose control, it is not recommended to eat honey; even people with better diabetes with blood glucose should be eaten as little as possible. After eating, the intake of starchy foods should be reduced to avoid blood sugar fluctuations.

For healthy people, adults eat about 20g per day, and children are enough every day for children. It is not advisable to eat too much.

(I am a big doctor official)

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