This kind of medicine can not only cure pain, but also avoid accidental pregnancy!

Dysmenorrhea is a problem that plagues the majority of women. Once a month, women are restless, and sometimes even pain in bed, which has a great negative impact on life and work.Anti -painkillers to relieve.Of course, it is not possible to take painkillers for long -term treatment. Some people say that eating dysmenorrhea is better to take contraceptives. Is this true?Below, Professor Zhang Diqi, chief physician of the Gynecology of the Sixth Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, answered relevant questions for you.

How to treat dysmenorrhea cannot be generalized. Dysmenorrhea is divided into two types: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. Among them, secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by disease. Symptoms need to be improved to improve dysmenorrhea.According to Professor Kai, it refers to dysmenorrhea caused by uterine dysfunction. "Primary dysmenorrhea is a periodic menstrual period but no organic disease, which is caused by uterine dysfunction.Within a few hours after the tide. Under the action of estrogen, the endometrial thickening will produce prostaglandins during the thickening of the endometrium.The uterine contraction leads to the lower abdomen colic. "

In response to the primary dysmenorrhea, Professor Zhang Di believes that it can be relieved through daily conditioning, but it is not recommended that women rely on painkillers.Pain medicine. Everyone should change this concept and take it for granted to buy medicine for treatment. Primary dysmenorrhea, we cannot simply take painkillers at the symptoms. You can relieve sufficient sleep, smoking quitting, exercising strong body, or local hot compress in the abdomen."

Contraceptives can also relieve dysmenorrhea

If you really want to take medicine to alleviate the primary dysmenorrhea, instead of taking contraceptives, Professor Zhang Di Kai also recommends that some women take short -acting contraceptives.The role of dysmenorrhea. Many people are surprised when they hear "the treatment of dysmenorrhea", and even feel embarrassed. At the same time, there will be doubts in their hearts, such as worrying about taking contraceptives for a long time.A misunderstanding of contraceptives.Short -acting oral contraceptives are widely used in European and American countries, but there is only a very low usage in China. This is because Chinese women have some misunderstandings about their safety.In fact, short -acting oral contraceptives will not bring serious side effects, and healthy women can also take it with confidence."

Of course, although short -acting contraceptives are relatively effective in primary dysmenorrhea, and it is safer to take it, Professor Zhang Di also reminds that not everyone is suitable for taking it. It is recommended that women should buy them after consulting with professional doctors.Take, "short contraceptive pills also have some taboos for individual groups: such as obese women (BMI ≥ 25), hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and family history.It is not recommended to use compound oral contraceptives with large (over 35 years old) and lactating women. "

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