This mother is too brave, this pulls my stomach also hurts …#Follow me if I don’t get lost

The daughter went to the hospital because she had no face to the hospital, and her mother gave birth to her.After finally giving birth to the child, because the placenta could not be discharged, and the mother without any medical experience, she wanted to hold the umbilical cord and drag out the placenta, but almost dragged her daughter’s uterus.Facing such an unreliable mother, who can think of her so great.

The daughter was pregnant before the marriage, and the irresponsible scumbag ran away.However, the mother did not blame her daughter. In order to maintain her dignity, the mother stuffed the pillow into her clothes and dressed as a pregnant woman.Then lied to the outside world that he was pregnant.She planned to let her daughter give birth silently, and then said that she was born.In this way, the days returned to peace, and the mother and child depended on each other.The mother is responsible for moving the goods, and the daughter is responsible for settlement.Although some people often blame their daughters to be ignorant and let the pregnant mother do so heavy, the daughter can only silently keep this secret.Everything will be performed as planned, whether an accident or happening.The daughter’s stomach suddenly became painful that day, and the mother saw that this was a sign of giving birth.But the mother and daughter did not dare to go to the hospital lightly, and they dare not tell others that they could only secretly produce at home.

The mother boiled the water and asked her daughter to sit in the bathtub, telling him that it would be very painful when giving birth, and he must not sleep, otherwise the mother and child would be dangerous.The daughter can only bite the towel and try not to make a sound.With the joint efforts of the mother and daughter, the child was finally born.When I thought everything went well, the daughter’s placenta could not be discharged.The mother wanted to pull the placenta through the umbilical cord, but her daughter screamed heartbreaking.Seeing that her daughter was about to do, she had to make a emergency phone call.The doctor immediately rushed to the scene to replace the mother’s job.They found that because the woman pulled too hard, they almost dragged out the uterus.The daughter’s situation is very urgent.So the doctor hurried him to the hospital.Watching the daughter who is in the unknown life and death, and the baby waiting to be fed, the woman does not know everything she does, whether it is right or wrong.

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