Three major reasons for postpartum back pain!To relieve pain, start with the correct hugging baby

Recently, I received a doubt from Baoma on the background of the public account:

"Sister Ma, I have been giving birth to my baby for almost three months, but I often feel back pain. Why is this?"

I believe that many Baoma will have the same confusion, so today we will briefly talk about it. After giving birth, we always feel back pain. What is the reason and how to do rehabilitation training?It is related to physiological changes during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the uterus will continue to increase with the increase of the gestational week.In order to maintain the body balance, the center of gravity of the pregnant woman’s body will move forward. At this time, the spine will slowly adjust.Back pain occurs and last until postpartum.This kind of waist pain will last for a period of time, usually for several weeks, but sometimes it will not improve for several years, affecting normal life.

2. Use the waist habit wrong

Postpartum abdominal muscles are weak, and the uterus is not immediately reset. At this time, if the mothers have the wrong waist habits, they will increase their back pain.Common errors use waist habits: regular bending down, changing diapers, or breastfeeding for the baby, these will increase the burden on the waist and even cause lumbar disc herniation.Wear high heels prematurely after giving birth.During pregnancy, the changes in lumbar vertebrae have not fully recovered. The angle of high heels may increase the load of the waist significantly, which in turn causes back pain to recur.

3. Postpartum anxiety or depression

The definition of pain in the International Pain Association is to damage the tissue, or potential tissue injury, or the unpleasant feeling related to similar injuries, and the emotional experience.

In simple terms, in addition to physical diseases that cause pain, long -term negative emotions can also cause pain in a certain part of the body.The study of many scholars has also found that postpartum anxiety or depression psychological state will significantly increase chronic backpart of postpartum low back pain [1] [2].

1. Adjust bad waist habits

For postpartum back pain, first of all, what we need to do is to adjust poor waist habits.

For example, when breastfeeding the baby is breastfeeding, you can put a small pillow under the baby. In addition, you can also put a pillow after the mother’s waist.Mom’s arm.

In addition, when holding a baby, avoid choosing to bend over and hold the baby directly, but bend your knees to keep your waist stand upright. When you hold your baby, you can stand up with the basin muscle and abdominal force. This can also reduce damage to the waist.Essence

2.SPS spiral training rehabilitation

In addition, SPS spiral training can be used to slow down pain and promote waist recovery.So what is SPS spiral training?

SPS spiral stabilization muscle chain technology is a complete set of system exclusive systems (functional stability and movement of spine). This technology is widely used in the prevention and treatment of spine disease, disc herniation treatment, children’s spine rehabilitation, postoperative postoperative postoperative recovery, postoperative surgeryRecovery, training in pregnancy, postpartum recovery and other aspects.

There are two extremely important muscle chains in the SPS technology system: vertical muscle chain and spiral muscle chain.The vertical muscle chain is used to relax and stable, and the spiral muscle chain is used to stable exercise.

The increase in spine pressure will cause vertical muscle chains (static and stable muscles in the human body) and spiral muscle chain (human dynamic and stable muscle) imbalance, which will cause spinal muscle imbalance, degradation and other series of pain symptoms.

The SPS spiral chain training is through the unique training movement. With the help of the muscle chain, the body develops the strength to reduce the pressure of the intervertebral disc and joints, and regulate the muscle balance of the vertical chain and the spiral chain.This can not only slow down the symptoms of postpartum waist pain, but also have a relatively obvious rehabilitation effect on chronic back pain and spine bending.

The following are several basic actions that Sister Ma usually practice. Whether in the postpartum stage or usually worked hard, you can choose to sit or stand for training according to his own feelings and back pain., Moms in need can also prepare a dedicated elastic rope under the guidance of professionals.

3. Adjust your mood and maintain mental health

As mentioned earlier, postpartum anxiety or depression will induce or aggravate waist pain. Therefore, it is recommended that Baoma keep a good psychological state. At the same time, the husband and family should care about the mother, encourage and mental power to reduce psychological pressure to reduce psychological pressureAnd physical discomfort.

We have said so much about the knowledge of "relieving postpartum back pain" today. I hope my sharing will help everyone.If you still want to know more about it, please pay attention to my account, I will update practical dry goods during the pregnancy period from time to time, and accompany everyone to spend 40 weeks of breeding journey.


[1] Wiezer M, HAGE-FRANSEN MAH, OTTO A, et al. Risk Factors for Pelvic Girdle PostPartum and Pregnation Low Back PostPartum; A Systematic Review and M ETA-Analysis [J]. Musculoskelet SCI PRACT, 2020, 48: 102154.

[2] Virgara R, Maher C, Van Kessel G. The ComorBidity of Low Back Pelvic Pain and Risk of depression and Anxiety in PRIMIPAROUS WOMEN [J]. ILDBIRTH, 2018, 18 (1): 288.

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