Three squirrels respond to the leakage of oxygen dehydration agents and cause pregnant women to eat by mistake: redesigned the version and bear consumer -related costs

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On July 25, the three squirrels of oxygen leaked caused by misdiagnosis of pregnant women and appeared on hot search, which caused many netizens to discuss.The interview with Jimu Journalists learned that the cause of the damage of the oxygen dehydration was caused by error cuts caused by the shift during the launch. The three squirrels will continue to contact consumers and provide proper solutions.

According to the video uploaded by netizens, the packaging of the three squirrels was disassembled, and after eating half of it, he found that the dehydration agent was leaked. The netizen said that his wife was still pregnant and ate the deoxidant.

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On July 25, netizens released the video told Jimu Journalists that they could forward (this video), but no further response was made on the relevant interview issues.

The relevant person in charge of the three squirrels told Jimu Journalists that after seeing the video, I had contacted consumers for the first time, and no message was not returned.At present, the three squirrels continue to try to contact consumers, and at the same time contact the partner companies to understand the facts as soon as possible, and give consumers a proper solution.

On the afternoon of July 25, the official Weibo of the three squirrels issued a description stating that some consumers issued videos saying that the packaging of the oxygen in the daily nut products was damaged, and the company contacted the consumer as soon as possible.According to the picture judgment in the video, the cause of the damage of this dehydration is caused by error cuts caused by the shift during the launch process.The company’s subsequent linkage suppliers make a version adjustment and re -confirm the optical eye position in the design.The main ingredients of this dehydration agent are iron powder, silicon, activated carbon, water, edible salt, etc.

As of 15:00 on July 25, the three squirrels have been trying to contact consumers, and they have not yet contacted.The three squirrels are very concerned about the health of consumers. They are willing to actively cooperate with consumer families for health inspections and bear all costs and related responsibilities.

According to the official Weibo of the Shanghai Popular Science Work Joint Conference Office, deoxidants are additives that can absorb oxygen and slow food oxidation.In the sealing food packaging, the deoxidant can create an almost anaerobic environment and can be maintained for a long time. Therefore, the food can prevent food from the growth of mold, oxygen, and grain pests due to oxidation and degeneration, deterioration, and oil.effect.General dehydration agents are not toxic, and a small amount of deoxidant does not produce any side effects.Due to the low cost, good effect, and high safety of iron dehydration agents, the scope of application is the widest.The ingredients of iron dehydration agents are very safe. Although they cannot be eaten, they are not terrible.

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